Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Saying Our Good Byes

The kids are asleep and I'm out of boxes at the moment. What to do? A quick post, of course : ) We've been having last play dates and lunch dates and babysitting sessions, etc. Here are a few cute photos from such events.

Yes, she has a black eye. Got it at the indoor playground doing something (I don't know what) while I was cleaning up some toys.
We met our good friends Conner and Alexa and their mommy Janelle at the Bounce House last Wednesday. Janelle taught first grade in the same district that I did, only at another school. We got to know each other at first grade meetings and through a mutual friend. She had Conner just three months after Ezra was born. And then Alexa was born just three months after Caroline. We both stopped teaching to stay at home with our little darlings, so we've been able to have lots of play dates. Ezra and Conner have been friends since they were babies. Caroline and Alexa are just starting to interact.

Good Buddies!

A good bye hug.

Our sweet babysitter Mackenzie came over a couple times this past week to help me out while I packed up and ran errands. The kids love her and we always feel totally safe leaving them with her.
And this is one of my co-workers from Opstad, Mrs. Reorda. Caroline cuddled right up to her when the first grade teachers brought us lunch during their spring break week.
We will sure miss all of these folks--but we'll come back to visit!

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Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I so hope that Ezra and Caroline can find good friends like that here....friends are so important. Caroline is cute even with a black eye! I think about you all every time we drive past "your" house... I hope it grows on you and you love the house and area, and the people.....!!!