Friday, May 1, 2009

We're Here

Thursday night around 10:00pm we rolled into our new home. The trip took approximately 12 hours of drive time, 2 hours of stop time and 1 hour lost to the time change. It also took a tremendous amount of patience on the part of both kids and adults. The kids were remarkably well behaved...maybe because they had Grandpa and Grandma putting on a circus for them much of the way. We were quite glad to exit the van and head into the house. Although, I must say that the ride was made in the extreme comfort of our new van pictured below. So exciting!

We're going to take a little trip back in time now to the week preceding our arrival in Idaho. Wednesday night after reading and prayer meeting our friends in Kirkland put on a lovely good-bye party for us. I didn't even wait for meeting to be over before the tears started. All these wonderful friends are terribly hard to say good bye to. Praise the Lord we know we will see them in Heaven, if not before. The cake below was made by Miss Jennie. The talent is unbelievable! Look at that detail.

I never did find out who made these darling cupcakes...anyone care to take ownership?

The obligatory red and watery eyed family picture.
We were given a pile of going away gifts. The love shown to us will be with us always!

Ezra and one of his good buddies. These boys were born only 2 1/2 weeks apart.

Caroline will surely miss sitting next to these beautiful ladies!

One last little walk.

And one last little wrestle session.

The next morning, the real work began. Tadd and Grandpa Idaho went to pick up the moving van and Aunt Mary and Aunt Esther came over to help us move along at a rapid pace.

Making everything fit took a lot of ingenuity.

The Grandpas and Tadd managed to make it all fit in! Pretty loaded. This was Friday morning as we were getting ready to close the doors and head out.

In the last post I said that Grandpa Tractor drove the pick-up over...but what I meant to say was that Grandpa Idaho drove it over. Thanks Grandpa Idaho!

Back inside for one last check. Miss Caroline said "Good bye, miss you" in all the rooms. I'm surprised I made it through this last sad hour.

The beautiful back yard and empty sand box just waiting for the new kid to move in and play.

Good Bye 39172 SE Gamma!

Ah, Snoqualmie indeed welcomed us for the last 6 years. Other than the flooding, we enjoyed our time there. I can't even list all the things I will miss about my beautiful Snoqualmie Valley. I had my first teaching job there, set up my first home, made so many fun friends, brought both of my babies home to our cute little house, etc., etc., etc.

We will come again!

After driving away the kids and I met my parents for lunch at the Rainforest Cafe and then headed to the Harbor for a week. We were able to get caught up on sleep after the hard work of packing. Caroline slowly recovered from her pneumonia. Her lungs sound clear now. Both kids seem to have yet another cold...but such is childhood.

Saturday Chelleigh brought her girls over for a little play date for the kids and a gab fest for the two of us. Our friendship goes waaaaaaay back into childhood. Now that we're both mothers of two, we don't find a lot of time for getting together. It was fun to let the kids play and catch up for a while. Grandpa took Ezra and Ang on tractor rides. That look is on his face because he turned at the very last minute before running me over.

Baby A took a moment to peek around the couch for her picture. Too cute!

Ang really loves her Uncle Terry.

Ezra and Ang had a little wrestling with Grandpa Tractor/Uncle Terry.

Bye for now, friend...we'll be back to visit, I know we will!

And then off we headed for Idaho...I promise I'll post soon to show the new place and the moving-in process. I know you're all holding your breath : )


Glenda said...

Ahhh I feel your pain Brooke - I totally remember how hard it was to leave our first home, community where I grew up and worked, where the kids were babies. And then we moved nearly 3000 miles away :( At least you have more family where you are - that is the most important part! Praying for your transition guys!

NaomiG said...

Oh, saying goodbye to the assembly is so hard!! We had a hard time with that one too. Hang in there! Can't wait to see pics of you in your new place! :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, definitely sheddin some tears after reading this post!! Hope you are settlin in well!! Thought of you today as a bunch of us hiked Big Si for my first time, aw the view from the top was worth the 2 hour uphill climb, haha!! Thanks tons for the pics, stealing a couple for my facebook ;) lol, is that a John Deere sweatshirt on you?! :D Love you guys! ~Cath

The Chatty Housewife said...

What a bittersweet post. New beginnings are always hard because they mean leaving the other things behind. I am glad you blog so that we can all watch your kids grow up and keep in touch with you guys in that way.

I'm glad all the stuff fit in the truck, we have moved several times and it always seems like it's not going to fit. Once we threw out a couch. :)