Thursday, February 12, 2009

Osklen--this one's for you, Elaine!

A while back I posted pictures of the fun clothing my parents brought us from Brazil. You might have noticed that pictures of Tadd's clothes were missing. He gave my mom the wrong size and so the swim trunks he received were a tad too big. He loved the shorts but was paranoid that wearing them in waves or near his clingy kids could result in disaster. So, he was able to contact the Osklen store in Brazil and they kindly mailed a pair of the correct size to their NY location who mailed them to us. Long route--but they got here this week. When Ezra saw the cool shorts he got very excited and said he had a matching pair. He ran to his room to grab his board shorts. They are from two years ago and too small, but we just keep using them. Here are the boys in their matching shorts. One pair real Osklens from Brazil (suggested by my mom's bff) and one pair plain old Carter's : )

And the rest is just some horse play.

It's a wonder we don't visit the ER on a daily basis.


NaomiG said...

Those shorts are really cool... the last pair of board shorts we bought for Frank we thought looked so cool... they had skulls in the center of the tropical flower print. Then we got them home, and noticed that they had naked ladies in a tone on tone print of the background color. HAHA! I thought it was hilarious, but Frank is much too proper to wear them, and for some reason we couldn't take them back, I think they were clearance or something. It's really amazing kids, as a general rule, survive their toddler years. I feel the same way about the ER. :-)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Ah, these were fun pictures to see. I just had to chuckle!