Sunday, February 22, 2009

Icky Sickies

Like everyone else this winter, we are battling sickness. For the past week or two I've been coughing up pieces of my lungs to trail behind me everywhere I go. Just as the coughing has started to wind down, all four of us got head colds. I can't complain too much because we've been surprisingly healthy for the past couple of months. We tend to get all our bugs at once. Here are the kids lounging in my bed the other morning while I showered. Don't they look nice and pathetic? They asked for water and I ran to get it and the camera. As I exited the room I heard Ezra tell Caroline "Now I'll tell you a story...Once upon a time..." and then I didn't hear anymore. Unfortunately for Caroline "once upon a time" is usually followed by some motorcycle jump or daring cowboy story rather than princesses and ponies in this house.

Like my mohawk, guys? We are currently working on potty training with Ezra. Now, this is not to say that he's done--because I know how often set-backs occur. We've lost more than one pair of cute little fire engine or dump truck underpants to those setbacks in the past few weeks. That said, he is doing so much above and beyond better than I expected. Some days I wonder when I blinked and allowed someone to steal my baby and put this grown boy in his place. He's wearing underwear, riding his bike to the park, shooting hoops and dreaming of "kingerdarten".
Mommy and kids on a "berry boat" ride to Bainbridge Island. We enjoyed a ride over and back and then had delicious fish and chips at Steamers. The waterfront was jam packed and we ate outside--in February! It was cold, but not completely unbearable. After eating it was definitely time to go home and nurse our coughs and snots some more. We are not very good at keeping our germs home, I'm afraid. Especially with showings going on all the time.
A nice lady encouraged Tadd to join the picture while she clicked away.

Looking at all the scenery. On our way back we were walking onto the ferry next to a lady with two little "taco bell" dogs. One got off his leash and ran onto the ferry alone. She dropped her bags on a chair and chased him, giggling all the while. We stayed and watched her bags for her until she caught the run-away and brought he and his brother back. The kids had a blast petting the "puppy". Never know what yer gonna see.

Yes, he needs a hair cut...we'll see when that happens!


The Chatty Housewife said...

I love your jacket!

Sorry you are sick, I hope everyone gets better soon! I'm sick as are others in the assembly here... even my dog is sick, what's next, my houseplants?!

Anonymous said...

Were these taken yesterday? We went to the flower and garden show at the convention center and also did some shopping, of course. We ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory...if we would have known you were in the area we would have invited you to come along! The pictures are really nice...just another rainy day in Seattle :)

gourmetgirl said...

Was this yesterday? It was such a nice day! Hope you all feel better soon!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

The trip sounds fun...AND to eat outdoors and survive - yea! How sweet of Erza to tell little sis a story. Hope you are all getting better fast.

Brooke said...

Yep, this was "yesterday" (Saturday). I wish that one of us would have called each other, mom. We talked about the flower and garden show as we drove through down town. I heard someone else laughing about Seattle's "awful" weather too. It was so pretty out.

Mandy said...

Oh, sorry that you guys are sick! Head colds are nasty! The "berry" ride sure looks fun though. My kids love to go. We've taken it to Anderson Island just for kicks when we were vising my parents and the kids were a bit restless in the house in the rain. Never even got off the boat. Great fun!

NaomiG said...

Cute jacket!! Looks like a fun day!