Monday, February 9, 2009

Full Friday

Friday was full and Friday was fun--but I promise that this post won't have as many pictures as the last one : ) Also, I'll leave my font black today since last week's pink was a little hard on the eyes.
Last Friday was Mommy Group day. We headed south to enjoy a morning of fellowship with the women (for me) and the kids (for E & C). Lisa had some amazing quiche and scone-type coffee cake with fresh strawberries. It was worth the drive just for that! But, even better, I was able to enjoy a long chat with my girls. Here are some pictures to enjoy.
Sweet grown up A holding her newest cousin, two week old B. (B is a he).
Sarah is practicing holding little baby girls. This is Lisa's newest addition, Baby E. You can't see it in this picture, but Sarah's bump is just too darling.

Here is Baby B's big brother.

And Ezra had a blast. Grown up A read him a HUGE pile of Curious George books and then taught him how to play Uno. She is always so nice to him and he just loves her. He always looks forward to seeing her at Mommy Group and talks about her a lot at home. In a lot of ways, they are two peas in a pod. I wish I could take her home with me for a few days! But, I think her mommy would miss her too much. Look at her sparkling eyes!
After Mommy Group, we grabbed some Subway sandwiches (as if I needed to eat anything more!) and drove to Grandpa Tractor's place of employ. We had a quick visit with him and hit the road for home. The kids had short naps back at the ranch and then it was time to prepare a meal and pack up to hit the road again. It was Friday night Fellowship at the meeting room. Dinner and games for all. The kids love to play with cars and the garage while daddy got to play ping pong and it was Rummikub for mommy. Ahhhh...grown up games :)

Caroline was not enjoying this ride that J was so happily willing to give her. It was so kind of him to try. She's a little grumpy with anyone but mommy or daddy these days.
I'm not sure who is having more fun here--the dads or the kids.

This little wrestling match was sure fun to watch. Don't worry--no one got hurt.

And finally, after all the fun was done and the kids were jammied-up, we hit the road for home. The rest of the weekend was fun too--just not photo documented. We took advantage of two sunny days and played at a couple of parks, road bikes at the high school and ran about in the yard. Thank you Lord for sunny days in February!

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Anonymous said...

AWWW. pics of Riley, Brendon, Emma, and Allie.. Love those kids...Riley pretty much is the cutest blonde boy on earth!! =) Sorry we couldn't be there Fri. night, it was our only chance to take supper to Keith and Michelle, had been wanting to do that for them since the flood! ~Cathy