Monday, February 10, 2014

The Super Bull

 We headed to Gig Harbor to enjoy the Super  Bowl with my folks.  I've grown up in a sports family.  We listen to sports, play sports, talk about sports.  My Dad had 3 brothers and 1 sister and between the 5 of them they had just about every traditional sport covered.  I grew up with 3 brothers and between the 4 of us, we also covered a lot of sports. 
Now, having our Hawks go to the Super Bowl was a lot of fun because lots of people were talking sports around these parts.  Other Moms at the playground, kids at school, etc.  We didn't have to feel lonely when checking out every day--those were our boys in the main articles!  When your team goes to the super bowl, you get to read about them for two weeks while all the other teams sit on the sidelines! 
Now, my Darling Dearest happened to have grown  up around a lot of Denver Broncos fans.  And he himself has been a professed Denver fan.  He was gifted a Bronco shirt and pair of socks for Christmas this year to celebrate his team.  However, he's been a local Seattle boy for 14 years now.  These Hawks have grown on him.  He was a bit torn over the Super Bowl.  He basically said that it was a win-win situation for him.  I knew his true colors would come out during the game....

I had to post these pictures of my Dad who does not often smile for photographs.  I think it made a difference that Nora was the one taking the pictures.

 Of course, we had some Super Bowl food involved in the day.  Seahawks Strawberries.  They were so fun to make.
 Dr. Pepper Cupcakes, a la Pioneer Woman.
 Skittles!  To celebrate number 24.
 Plenty of gear being worn.

 In addition to the sweet stuff there were (non-Buffalo) chicken wings, veggies, brown sugar bacon wrapped smokies, chips and amazing bacon-cheese dip and whiskey bbq sliders.
 We were not hungry for long.

 And root beer floats for the second half!  That reminds me of Tadd's new favorite joke.  "What do Seahawk fans do when the game is over?" 
Wait for it....
Wait for it....
"They watch the second half".  Hahahaha.

 Henry wasn't too excited about any of it.  Interesting bit of trivia.  The only two times in Seahawk's history that they have been super bowl contenders--Tadd and I have had a baby boy.  Ezra was 1 month when the Hawks played the Steelers in the Bowl.  Henry was five months for this contest.
 Hey!  That's our team in the Super Bowl!
 So--he may have been wearing blue and orange--but Tadd was on his feet jumping up and down yelling "go, go, go, go!" when Percy Harvin opened up the second half with an 88 yard kick off return for a touch down.  I received a dozen or more text messages from family and friends during the course of the game.  Every one of them ended with phrases such as "Poor Tadd!"  "How is Tadd doing?"  "Tell Tadd sorry!"  His brother even texted me to keep sharp objects away from Tadd.  Little did they know how not sad he was feeling.
 Caroline and Grandma spent the 4th quarter making confetti.
 Counting down the final seconds.
 "What in the world is going on????"
 I told my kids I'd take them to the big parade if our team won....but I didn't follow through on that.  My wiser half talked reason to me for two days straight until I realized that he was right.  Taking four kids down town amidst the alleged throng of 700,000 by myself would not have been smart.  Instead, we watched the festivities from our warm home and were thankful not to be out in the cold.  As it was, poor Daddy took 2 hours to come home from work because of all the bus congestion.  Thanks honey, for being so smart and for switching teams : )  
It was a fun football season.  And, I can't believe I'm saying this, it's almost a relief to have a break from it for the next several months.  As for the spelling of my title--Caroline made signs for the big game that she hung all over Grandpa and Grandma's house and the first one said "Meet the Super Bull". 


Cobblestone said...

Love all the little rosy cheeks and the cheering ("little" cheeks!) Yay Hawks! Good call staying home from the parade!

Anonymous said...

lol the sign is awesome and the post is awesome and the kids on the couch are sooo cute, love love love it!! ~Cath

kdk said...

Hee! I like Tadd's joke, and his socks, and the photos of your food. If I had been there I would've watched the game from the table, so I could eat freely while watching.