Monday, February 10, 2014

He's a 5 Monther

 His official 5 month birthday shot in the chair.  His eyes are all red and swollen because he's having some serious eczema issues and he just tears at his eyes to scratch them.  He does the same to the top of his head which is full of cuts from his fingernails.  I just can't keep up with cutting his nails fast enough! 

Here he is in his Bumbo with his favorite teething toy.  He popped his first tooth through last Thursday--one week after he turned 5 months. Its partner tooth is still trying to break the surface--so he's pretty grouchy from all that pain.

 A few days before he turned 5 months I took the kids into the local Picture People studio to get some shots of them all together.  They gave me this CD of thumbnail shots to share on facebook or my blog--but they are pretty grainy so that I can't illegally print them and have them be any good : ) 
 Our appointment was right at nap time, and then they called us back 30 minutes late--but he was still all smiles.  I was so happy!

 He just officially sat up by himself without support last Wednesday.  This is the age when things start happening and happening fast.  It's so fun and yet, so sad, all at the same time.  Teeth, sitting, getting stronger, eventual mobility, food--yikes!

 I love the way his hand is on Ezra's face.  It turned out looking all lovey-dovey.  But really Ezra was yelling "Ow!  He's ripping my ear off!!!!" and the picture lady was all "You're fine! just smile!"  Haha.
 My boys.  Eight years ago Ezra was that size.  Eight years--so short and so long.  Eight years ago when I thought to myself "Ahh, my years of motherhood are just getting started.  I will be enjoying this for a long time to come."  Naive, I tell ya.  I had no idea how fast "a long time to come" goes!

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