Sunday, February 23, 2014

da Beach!

We are officially back to our rainy, semi-cold home.  Real life, complete with school, work and activities starts up in full swing tomorrow.  We've had a few days to get groceries in the house, recover from illnesses and do laundry.  Poor Daddy had to go back to work first thing Friday morning, but he at least had the weekend to catch up on sleep.  Now--to enjoy the memories....
 Our first day in San Diego, we ran off to the beach--possibly my favorite place in California.  We weren't sure how to keep Henry shielded from the sun since he can't use sunscreen, but he solved that problem himself by falling asleep in  his car seat while I carried him across the sand.  I was able to pull up the cover and tuck a blanket around him and just leave him be with the peaceful sound of the waves crashing and the fresh air flowing all around him.  Ah, to be a baby again!
 I wanted a picture of Aunt Megan and her little Jillson--and I got this fun succession of shots...

 Uncle Nathan had kindly packed up surf boards and wet suits for the boys--but they were busy playing in the sand.

 After about 15 glorious minutes of hot sunshine--as in almost 80 degrees minus the wind--the fog appeared on the horizon and rapidly made land fall.

 Here it comes...
 Looking toward the ocean visibility quickly disappeared, while looking inland still looked blue and sunny.

 With the arrival of the fog, the boys decided not to surf at all.  We thought we'd wait out the fog since we had only just arrived.
 We weren't able to watch U-Nate catch any waves, but we knew he was out there somewhere.

 These rascals had a sand fight....just because they could.

 Like Daddy, like Daughter.
 We waited and waited, but that pesky fog was there to stay.  We finally decided to head home to U-Nate and A-Megan's sunny back yard for the rest of the day.  It had been nice to feel the sand between our toes for a while, though. 
More vacation to come on another day...

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