Tuesday, October 22, 2013


A couple weeks ago our school had our annual "jog-a-thon" fundraiser.  It was a warm, sunny day at the end of September.  Nora decided that skipping nap time and walking to the school to cheer on her siblings was what she wanted to do!
Caroline's class took their 15 minute run first.  Caroline had planned to "beat all the boys" and run the whole time.  But when she realized it was warm...and 15 minutes is a long time to run....and a good friend was walking...and walking and chatting are much more fun...well, you see where this is going.  Henry was happy to come along for the ride in his Moby--but he was not willing to skip nap time.
We had a half hour break to play on the playground between classes.  Nora is working on her callouses--she wants to have as many as Caroline.
Ezra was in the middle of his concussion week.  The doctor said running was okay--and the school nurse said she was fine with it.  Poor kid had been sitting out recess in the library for a few days--so he was very excited to get a chance to go outside and use up some energy. 
Henry just kept sleeping.

He ran until his time was up.
And then the Littles and I had to walk back up the loooooong hill back home.  Nora skipping nap time meant that Mommy also had to miss rest time.  Boo!  But at least I got fresh air, exercise and some Vitamin D--three things I've been missing quite often these days. 

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