Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Grandpa and Grandma Idaho Come to Town

Grandpa and Grandma Idaho came to town to meet Henry--hurray!  And they brought Aunt Megan and her girls for a day--double hurray!  Tadd was out of town for 4 days, boo for him, hurray! for help for me while he was gone!  Do you think I could find a way to end this sentence with "hurray" and an exclamation point???  Nope.  Couldn't make it work. 
Every family needs an Aunt Megan*--she walked Henry, played with kids, directed clean up--and sent me off to Costco alone--as in, just me.  No kids, no baby, no brain.  Oh wait, the "no brain" part is my fault entirely--not hers. 
 That there little Mommy reading to her baby is just too cute for words.  I was so glad I could squeeze her for a day.
 My big kids took the day off of school and played nicely with their cousins.  They got out approximately 200 board games, mixed up all the pieces and created their own game--complete with a cash register and original system of commerce.  It was quite fascinating to watch.  I'm not sure where J's other foot is in this picture, but she can sit like that for long periods of time--and bend her foot up to scratch her cheek if need be.  That there is some talent!

 A gaggle of giggling girlies.
 Henry enjoyed many snuggles with Grandma over the week + she was able to spend here.  I missed all the shots of the dozens of games she played with each of the kids.  We had half days at school all week for parent-teacher conferences, so the kids got more time with Grandpa and Grandma than they would have otherwise--it worked out fabulously.  And it also meant that I could sneak upstairs to nap with Nora and Henry many afternoons.  Grandpa was our chauffeur for the week--and I greatly appreciated this service.  We all miss them.  No one misses them more than Nora who was so happy to have playmates during the day while her big brother and sister were gone.

 We got some shots of the four look alike boys together.  Since I am not a professional photographer--and not even a good casual photographer, the lighting is bad.  But you get the idea. 

 I was so glad that Henry was awake and happy. 
 The next day he even got dressed up in "day time clothes" as Nora calls them.  One day when I was bathing him and took off his sleeper she exclaimed "Are you going to put day time clothes on him???"  It's just that he looks so comfy and snuggly in sleepers.  I feel bad putting him in clothes with waist bands and buttons and zippers and hooks.  Plus, it's so easy to leave him in sleepers day and night and only change them when he wets through and spits up too much.  He does look awfully cute in his day time clothing, though, so I'm making an effort to do it more often.

 Grandma and her girls.

 Look at those big eyes!  His hair is starting to grow in and I think it might be lighter.  I'm still hoping it will stay dark.  And that his eyes will stay blue--but I'm not holding my breath on that one.  No matter what, he's my favorite little Henry in the whole world : ) 
*Don't worry Aunt Heather and Aunt Emily--I love you both just as much : )  Every family needs one of you as well--I just happened to have a picture and incident to relate about Aunt Megan at this point in time!


nicole said...

i want to visit when aunt megan visits!

Adkins Family said...

All these photos bring a smile to my face. Such lovely folks all around! ♥

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I am jealous, Aunt Megan! Lots of great photos and I am caught up again . I am so glad you find time to post them all. It makes my day!