Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Swimming Lessons

 We managed to fit in two sessions of swimming lessons this summer.  Nora was old enough to participate--and much to my relief, she agreed to get in the water on the first day!  Praise the Lord!  She got Caroline's favorite teacher from last year.  This little gal is AH-mazing with the littles.  She is patient and kind, but not afraid to push their limits and make them learn.  She had Nora floating alone, back stroking alone (for just a couple strokes) and face in the water "swimming" alone to the edge by the end of two sessions.  I feel like if Nora fell into a pool, she could float or get to the edge while waiting for help--and that was my main goal for her. 
 Caroline worked on perfecting her crawl stroke and back stroke--back stroke being her very favorite.  She swam a lot of laps and was pretty tired at the end of most days.

 And waaaaaay down at the end of the pool was my precious boy.  He worked on technique and stamina.  He also got much better at diving after about 3 weeks' worth of a very slapped up looking chest and tummy.
 After lessons, we'd head over to the kiddie pool to play for an hour or so.  I got to sit on the edge and zone out for a nice period each morning.  Most of the time I didn't even care that I should be at home finishing my chores : ) 

Swimming lessons were fun--and they got us up and going in the mornings for a good portion of the summer.  It's nice to be done with them as well, though.  Everyone's hair and skin could use a little chlorine break.  And the last few lazy mornings of summer are being wholly enjoyed before we have to start thinking about getting up and going in time for school!


Lisa J said...

Cute kids! Where did you go for the lessons?

whit's end mom said...

I need to find a good swim teacher for my little boy. I think he would go right to the bottom of the pool at his current level.

About the "zoning out". I always felt so rude, but I DID NOT want to visit with the other mothers during practices. It was so relaxing to not have to think for an hour!