Thursday, August 22, 2013

Summer Activities

 Summer break....ahhhhh....some days I wish it could go on forever and ever.  The kids don't have school and friends to distract them from one another.  So they actually play with each other!  Nicely, even, sometimes.  And I sit and drink it in.  They often even get bored and ask me for work to do.  Which they do gladly.  We are at that magical age where work is fun and grown up seeming to them and they will work for no pay.  Simply hearing Daddy or Mommy express pleasure in their work is enough reward.  And we are milking it!  The timing is rather perfect, as I need a lot of help these days!  
Now, I don't really consider soccer practice a "summer activity" as it usually signals the start of fall and school.   However, Caroline's practices have started earlier than Ezra's and it hasn't been too bad.  Nora and Ezra come along and have fun playing in the sand and on the playground.  And Caroline is overjoyed to be on a team with all her friends this year.  It really affects how she plays.
 Some summer days we do things like have donuts and milk at the park....for lunch!  Don't worry, I bought a carton of strawberries to eat along with the treats.  I'm  healthy like that.
 Um, son, I think those days are over!  He was trying to stage a video that could make it onto America's Funniest Home Videos.
 I LOVE this picture of my precious girlies.  Next year there might be three girlies...OR a boy up there with Ezra.  We'll soon find out!

 Caroline is quite proud of her inability to get dizzy or sick.  Ezra and I are somewhat envious since neither of us can even look at a tire swing going around without feeling as though we need to lose our lunch.

 Caroline has been cutting and drying lavender all summer to make some little drawer sachets.  We finally got around to it the other day.  A very long time ago when Maisonnette was still a fabric store we got a bunch of fabric samples from Miss Maddie when we were making curtains for the girls' room.  Those tiny little fabric scraps are perfect for a little sachet project.
 We didn't worry about perfect edges (obviously) and I let the girls pick fun stitches on the machine since they would be showing.  They stuffed in the lavender, but did not operate the machine since the sachets were so small and I was worried about fingers that close to the needle.  These are Caroline's.

 And these are Nora's. 
 And last of all....summer evenings are perfect for leisurely walks and bike rides around town.  Two nights ago was a full moon and so I thought it would be funny to get a picture of me howling at the moon--just in case I went into labor that night : )  Yes, my belly is a little bit large.  Today marks 39 weeks.  Ezra was born at 39 weeks, exactly.  Caroline was born at 40 weeks, exactly.  Nora was born at 40 weeks + 2 days.  Sometime within the next 3 weeks we should have the Baby!


Adkins Family said...

I have one of those same fabric samples from Maisonette, also thought to be used for curtains at this house. :) What a great use for them!

Enjoy the last few days of summer and three kids! ♥

kdk said...

Ha-ha! I love your howling shot. The moon has been beautiful lately.

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Ah, summer! Great time and great photos. Love to look at them.