Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Boy or Girl....Girl or Boy?????

 37 weeks, 6 days...that's where the pregnancy stands.  Someday in the next 2-4 weeks we should find out which outfit this Baby will be wearing home from the hospital.  The diaper bag is packed and ready to go.  My hospital bag is packed and ready to go.  Names are semi-settled on.  There is a new car seat kicking around in the back of the van.  The Moses Basket is finally dusted off and ready for use.  Burp rags, newborn diapers, onesies and blanket sleepers have been washed in Dreft and put away in the changing table.  Swaddling blankets stand at attention.
 And there are three VERY anxious siblings waiting to hold a new brother or sister.  Ezra and Caroline have both guessed "boy" and Nora has guessed "girl".  I am not sure.  When I look at that darling little hot air balloon outfit and the pretty girl blanket fabric, I think it must be a girl.  And I just love our girl name--it's pretty well set. 
But then I see this sweet little boy outfit that Daddy bought one day on his lunch break, and I think--"oh it's gotta be a boy".
This is the part I LOVE about not knowing.  The excitement builds and builds.  My anxiety over labor and delivery also builds and builds, but that's not exactly exciting.  The Lord is helping me not to be as terrified as last time (when I remember to ask Him).  But I'm still pretty scared.  My doctor says he doesn't think I'll make it to my due date, for whatever that is worth.  This time around, I wouldn't mind being a teensy bit early.  That way we have the big event over with before the kids start school.  That makes the first day a whole lot less stressful for me.  And it also gives Ezra and Caroline a chance to be home a bit with the Baby.  They have just been dying to hold him, to kiss her, to help Mommy with this new little one.  I want them to have that chance before they have to rush out the door each morning and come home exhausted each afternoon while they get used to all the energy that school takes.  And that way we could have some lazy, cuddly mornings together without the mad-rush to eat breakfast, get dressed, pack lunches, feed the baby, grab the back packs, tie the shoes, load up the kids, buckle all the car seats and get to school on time enough to not have to walk into the office and sign a tardy note. 
So Baby, we're ready when you are!


Debbie said...

Surprises are such fun! I also like that fact that it gives you something to have on your mind other than labor. :) I really hope the Dr. is right and baby comes early for you! When my Dr. told me there was no way I was going to last until my due date baby came 3 days late instead of 2 wks late like my other 2. It made it seem just as late as the rest, after being told 3 weeks beforehand that it would be "any time now". :) I'll be praying your kiddos get some time with baby before they have to head off to school. :) P.S. Both outfits are super cute! Also,Verhey's did a peach delivery to Seattle area on Saturday. A little late notice I know. They do charge a bit more per box for distant deliveries like that but they put up notices on their facebook page where they plan on delivering about a week ahead of time, and the price per box. Obviously you are right, canning peaches wasn't meant to be in your agenda this week. Maybe having that baby instead?!?! :)

Adkins Family said...

I'll be waiting to hear of your little one's arrival! So exciting. We sure enjoyed spending some time with your latest nephew over the last month, another red head! ;)