Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Science Fair

 Our school's annual science fair was last month.  Both kids wanted to participate and both chose a "research project" in the form of an animal report.  I was pretty sad because I love doing science experiments with the kids and was hopeful that this year at least one of them would want to do an experiment with me and write it up.  But they are both "fact" and animal nuts.  And I didn't want to pressure.
 Other than going to the library and helping them check out books on their chosen animals (snow leopards for Ezra and horses for Caroline) I let them work on their own.  I only required that they do a rough draft before publishing.  They could use their library books as a spell check--but no  help from adults on perfect spelling.
 Nora worked hard on her project (how many messes can be made while Mommy cooks dinner) as well.

 Pictures from the big night of the finished products...They each free handed a drawing of their animals and that was my favorite part.  I am really sad that I didn't get a close up of Ezra's drawing--oops. 

Good job, my little Scientists! 


kdk said...

They did such a nice job. I like to see which animals they pick; our boys did timber wolves and flying squirrels...

Anonymous said...

I believe I did a project on leopards one year...good choice!
-Uncle Heff