Thursday, April 18, 2013

Cookies With Friends

 A couple of weeks ago we had some friends come over to play on a rainy Friday morning.  The little girls ran around playing dolls, kitchen set, house, etc.  The little brothers had the cars and farm animals to themselves.  Having friends over is sort of like cheating--they entertain each other for a few hours while I get to do housework in peace.  After a bit of play we aproned up to make some cookies.  Who doesn't like cookies warm from the oven on a drizzly day?

 B is really just too cute! 
 So much attitude and personality represented in these pictures.  All four were huge helpers.  They took turns without whining and fighting. 

 And Little Man down there played happily with a measuring cup and spoon on the floor.  Oh boy--he was in big danger from large lumbering ME!  I have forgotten how careful you have to be when rushing around the kitchen with a Baby on the move.  Thankfully, I never squashed him.  Seriously, he is truly squishable, though.  He let me hold him and feed him  his bottle while I smelled his sweet baby smells.

 He also wanted me to take a picture that shows HIS attitude--since all the other kids were doing it.
We had lots of fun--and ate lots of cookies.  Well, I did, anyhow.  I stopped the kids at one.  Sort of a "do as I say, not as I do" parenting technique. 

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