Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sunday School Picnic

 Last Friday night we had our annual Sunday School Picnic.  It was a little later in the year than we often do it.  Being mid-October we decided to go all out with the fall decor.  While that might be a bit lost on the Sunday School kids, it sure was fun for the Mommies : )  Pumpkin painting got the kids all excited.

 I always have visions of being able to oversee such projects and suggesting that they have a theme for their pumpkins--you know, stripes, polka dots, a funny face or leaf designs.  But reality generally steps in and takes over.  Thankfully, Uncle Brett kindly watched over the painters and kept the paint from being tracked all over the room.  Which it surely would have been, had he neglected his duties.  The kids have a lot more fun painting with as much paint as they possibly can rather than trying to make a perfectly striped pumpkin.
 There were darling pudgy cheeks for me to gaze upon.
 And races outdoor in between rain showers. 

 Two of Nora's best buddies.

 Little girls with pony tails all lined up for a gunny sack race.   Not many cuter things than that!

 As per typical, after these pictures I set my camera down and didn't pick it up many more times during the evening. 
 Rick and Eleanor brought a cider press and Andy and Jennie provided over 200 pounds of apples for fresh, delicious cider with dinner.  We ate, drank and were very merry.  We sang Sunday School songs and listened to a message.  And then we played more games, including a bean bag toss at that amazing tractor pictured below--courtesy of Uncle Gordon.
Rounding out the evening was ping pong and caramel apples.  Thanks to all those who braved Friday evening traffic to make the night a fun one.

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Lisa J said...

I'm surprised you got any photos - you were so busy!! Thanks for all your work for such a fun evening. I got a few shots too but usually whenever I picked up the camera, a pacifier dropped and a baby started to cry. :) I'm not very good at juggling.