Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just for Fun

Do you ever wonder why I rarely post informtaive "how to" posts with lots of step by step directions and photos along the way?
Of course, I DO keep this blog mostly to keep far-away family members updated with photos of the kids.  For another thing, I rarely take pictures of more than one or two steps of what I'm doing.  I just don't have enough arms for kids + projects + camera these days.  But there are other reasons too. 
 Below is a "how to" post I attempted to create this summer.  It was a major failure and I decided to nix it.  But I got to thinking about it recently and figured it might be good for a laugh.
Even though I am a non-coffee-drinker, there are times when a nice iced mocha complete with whipped cream sounds delish to me.  When I worked at Bertolino  Brother's Coffee I had free access to all the drinks I wanted.  Compared to most of the employees, they got off easy with me.  But there were times when I needed to "use" coffee.  Such as when I was working a few extra afternoon jobs and planning a wedding in 7 weeks.  I found that the drip coffee was tolerable with a shot of Irish Cream (flavoring--what do you think I AM????) and a lot of cream.  Sometimes these days I also need to use coffee.  That's where Via comes in.  I thought I'd write a little post on how to make Via iced.
 Pour Via powder into a measuring cup.  Boil and add only a couple ounces of water.  Stir until dissolved.
 Mix in your chocolate syrup while the Via is hot so that it will dissolve.
 Fill a tall glass with ice and pour chocolate Via mixture over it.  Pay attention to the camera instead of what you are doing and pour Via all down your daughter, your own legs and all over the floor.
 Sit back and laugh hysterically at yourself.  Remind self why you don't do how to posts.
 Add whipping cream to the small amount of liquid left in the glass.  There was supposed to be a final picture with a straw...but at this point I was figuring the post was scrapped.
Now, of course, the punchline comes when I go to the grocery store the next week and see the rows of  Iced Via options.  Joke's on me!  Or wait...is it?  The plain Via is cheaper.  Not enough to make pouring it all over the floor and yourself and your daughter worth it, though.  AND--the iced version comes in an amazing caramel flavor.  I'm sure it has no calories.  Not even when you add a splash of whipping cream.


Megan Miller said...

That's pretty funny! Better than hot coffee down the front of a little I guess. I'll have to try this. I've decided the best way for me to pass the time in the long pickup line at school every afternoon is to be nursing an iced coffee.

Cobblestone said...

Ha - spills. Wonderful - coffee! We haven't outgrown spills over here either. My most recent doozy was a puddle of day-old coffee, down my cupboards and all over the floor. On a Monday morning. Before I'd had a chance to make any fresh coffee! Made it a little harder to get after my kid for spilling milk later that morning. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL!!! yeah i was like...wait why is Brooke making an iced Via, they sell those in the store...haha! BUT they are actually too sweet, i don't like them at all, I like your idea better, I've actually just dumped ice in my via's before so yeah! ~cath