Thursday, October 4, 2012

Grandpa & Grandma Came to Town!

 Grandpa and Grandma Idaho came to town for a week and a half...even though I don't have many pictures to prove it.  I feel like I'm too busy chasing after life and trying to catch it these days and I never have any time to grab the camera and bring it along for the run. 
 Grandpa took Ezra to school every morning (boy, I could get used to that!) and then came back to breakfast with Grandma and the girls.
 Every Princess needs a choice of pacifier colors to go with her tutu and high heels!
 One day we grabbed Ezra from school early and took a ferry ride to Bremerton.

 The weather around here has been incredible.  As in, only one inch of rain since the beginning of July.  Yes, we still live in Seattle.  There is abundant sunshine and blue skies and colorful autumn trees.  Each afternoon I try to spend at least ten minutes out on the deck soaking in the sunshine and convincing myself this is real.  The kids stay after school and play on the playground for an hour each day before we walk home.  I don't even try to coax them into leaving.  Some day we'll be hurrying home with our heads bent into the cold wind, clutching our coats about us. 
 Grandpa brought his motorcycle with him so that he could cruise around.  Ezra and Caroline took it for a ride in our driveway. 

 Look at those crazy skills.
 Dreaming of his own bike.
 One last shot before the Idahos head east.

 And a quick spin around the cul de sac from the safety of the trailer.

Bye bye Grandpa and Grandma.  Thanks so much for coming to visit and for alllllll the work you did!  It's been very hard this week as I have to take Ezra to school each morning and pick the kids up at the end of each day and fold all my own laundry to boot.  You can come back and chauffeur any time you want to : ) 


Adkins Family said...

Grandpa's and grandma's are the best! ♥

Anonymous said...

seriously!!! (the weather for 3 months straight!) i had to go to alaska for some seattle weather ;) turns out I didn't need to get acclimated yet haha, amazing! reallllly adorable pics of beautiful Nora. ~Cath