Thursday, June 21, 2012


This morning Ezra left my care a kindergarten boy.   When I picked him up, he was a first grader.  Just like that.  Ugh.  Monday his class went to the park for a "walking field trip".  There were fun activities like balloon hats, sidewalk chalk, bubble guns, kick balls and tag.  The teacher read lovely poems about each kid detailing the "important thing" about each child.  

Ezra really loves his teacher.  So do we, thankfully, because next year she will be Caroline's teacher.  Isn't she cute?
 Two girls coming home with me after kindergarten drop off.  Next year only one little girl will be climbing back into that van. 

 Look at Nora and I in the school bathroom mirror, we have matching dorky smiles.

 Walking home to summer freedom! 

Summer celebration blueberry lemonade, running through the sprinkler and pool time!

 Just a little recap--here he is the first week of kindergarten...
And here he is on the last day.  
 3 inches taller and a whole grade smarter.  Proving to me that there is indeed no slowing down time.


Adkins Family said...

So bittersweet. How great that Caroline gets the same teacher next year though! Three inches taller? Good grief!

Megan Miller said...

Happy Summer Ezra and Mommy! We leave in 6 hours or whenever I can get it all together to come see you!!! Maybe I should get off the computer.

kdk said...

Tell the Millers to stop and see us on their way north!

NaomiG said...

Aw. He is so big!

That is SO cool that C gets the same teacher next year! Yay for that!

Happy Summer!

Anonymous said...

wow Brooke you have joined the horder of ppl who take pics of themselves in bathroom mirrors(on fb) lol!!! ;pp ~cath

Anonymous said...