Friday, June 1, 2012


 We have a gymnast in the house these days.  Last Tuesday she had her "evaluation" and I took the opportunity to snap a few shots.  Unfortunately being evaluated means that a teacher is beside her (and in my way) the whole time.
 Forward, backward and sideways on the beam.

 Bar holds. 
 Balance and jumping.

 She does the "straddle on" jump quite well. 

And there's my girl noticing the camera. 


Alice said...

She is a natural on the gym floor I am thinking! And does she ever look adorable with her smile. Oh I love that girl and I do miss her! I caught up with your blog...very interesting photos. Wish I'd been there for a cinnamon roll - with the cream cheese frosting of course! Oh yum!

Anonymous said...

oh myyy word i hated the balance beam, i'm terrible at it it frightens me i'm reallllly impressed...and she has the muscular thighs for it, wow go C!!! ~Cath

whit's end mom said...

Cute smile on a cute girl.