Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Just Checkin' Things Off My List!

 I'm posting a picture of Ezra's science fair project specifically for the Idaho Grandparents.  And for everyone who now thinks that Ezra just sits around burping in class : )    His project was an animal study on crocodiles.  On to all the fun things we are checking off as done...
 Science Fair:  done!
 Gymnastics:  done!
 Baseball AND the end of the season party:  done!
 And in a week and a half school will be done.  Then we can wear pajamas and color in giant coloring books ALL DAY LONG if we want to.
Pretty soon I'll have a new list to be putting check marks beside.  It's the vacation packing list.  Can't hardly wait!


Cobblestone said...

Hooray for summer! and the different KINDS of checklists. :)

Kirsten said...

I think Ezra should get some kind of certificate just for spelling that last name of his;). Caroline is not going to be happy with you on that front;).

Oh, and yes--YAY for SUMMER!!! The park 3 blocks down has a wading pool, art, and games 5 days a week during the summer. Free. Well, I'm sure my taxes are involved, but you know what I mean:). CANNOT WAIT.

NaomiG said...

I swear Ezra is a boy version of Brianna. And not just because of the belching, haha!! Crocodiles are her very favorite animal.

Yay for summer!!!