Thursday, May 10, 2012

"He Hath Made all Things Beautiful... His time."

To me, there is something so pretty about simple tulips in an equally simple white pitcher.
 A couple of weeks ago the Pioneer Woman came to Seattle (no, I wasn't able to go see her) and she wrote a post about "zone envy" and all the beautiful things growing in Seattle right now that she can't grow on her ranch.  She spoke of dozens of rock walls oozing with blue and yellow flowers.  And I thought to myself, "why, I get to see those every day!"  This rock wall is one I find particularly beautiful every time I drive or walk by.
 In my own backyard I have only a few blooming things as of yet. 
 Lettuce is just about ready for use--yah!

 I missed snapping this wall at the height of its glory.  I'm so happy these beauties reside a short distance from me so that I can drink them in frequently.

 The scent of lilacs drifting on the breeze transports the soul.  And signals that the next smell to waft around the yard will be honey suckle--can't hardly wait!

Bringing some of the beauty inside with me.


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Adkins Family said...

Springtime is lovely. You have some nice blooms all around you. :)

NaomiG said...

It has been so lovely!