Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Going to the Chapel

 This last weekend we enjoyed the wedding of my cousin, Wil and his new Bride Megan.  We left our kids with a sitter and headed off foot loose and fancy free.  I didn't take any shots during the ceremony because I always feel guilty intruding on such an intimate moment.  I really enjoyed it, though.  The Lord was honored.  The congregation sang "Come Thou Fount" which is a favorite hymn of mine.  I have a lot more emotional trouble at weddings now that I have two daughters.  I laughed all through my own wedding--so full of joy--too full to cry.  The only part that made me at all sad was the short glimpse I caught of my parents' faces.  Now when I go to weddings and see the Father squeeze his daughter one last time I just about bawl out loud. 
 When it came time for the rings, the best man handed over the  bride's rings to the groom.  The bride then looked at him questioningly for her ring for the groom.  The best man gave the typical "I don't have it" look that is played time and again during weddings.  There was an awkward moment while we all waited for the best man to say "Just kidding!" and hand over the ring.  But it didn't happen.  Instead, the Bride exclaimed "I forgot again!  It's downstairs!".  Much funnier than a joke.  Don't worry, a substitute ring was handed over while the Pastor (the Groom's Father) prayed over the rings and by the time he said "Amen" the actual ring had been found and brought up.  Between that and the Groom nonchalantly saying "Yep" instead of "I will" there were plenty of opportunities to giggle.  But we were also reminded of marriage and the Picture it portrays of Christ and His Bride.
 Then we were off to the reception.  All I had with me was a zoom lens as my regular lens is broken.  I am not used to using the zoom lens and struggled quite a bit.  Sorry for all the awkward face shots--I was too far away to see what their expressions actually were, and by the time I was able to get focused, things were not the way I planned.  The Bride was truly beautiful and her dress was exquisite!  And, oh!  The decor at the reception was so fun and lovely.  Mason jars wrapped in twine and set on top of a slice of log for center pieces, burlap bows and table runners, simple candle light all over, pretty, bright flowers.

 Bride and Groom's first dance.
 The Groom's response (above) to his brother, the best man's speech (below).

 Pretty bouquet.
 Jake and Emily drove over from CDA for the weekend.
 I love the look on his face as she shoves the cake in.  She ran as fast as she could around the corner to get away from him when she was done.
 The Bride bogeying down with her Mama.

My Grandma and her sister, Aunt Bev.  Aren't they cute?
When we got home our lovely babysitter had the kids bathed and in bed, the dishes done and the house neat and tidy.  We're going to have to call her more often!  If you're reading this, Miss K, please don't block my number : )


Adkins Family said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Your grandma and Bev look great! ♥

nicole said...

oh, i love weddings. come thou fount is my favorite too.

kdk said...

What a great centerpiece idea...logs, burlap, twine, mason jars; all simple stuff but put together really nicely.

Anonymous said...

lol sooo THAt's who she was babysitting when I asked her if she had plans ;p I'm jealous!!!!! ;pp ~Cath

NaomiG said...

Looks like fun! You did pretty good with your zoom lens. :-) I haven't heard/sung "come thou fount" for years--hmmm. I should look it up.

haha, love that the groom said yep. One of my brother in laws said, "Uh, yeah." when asked the "I will" question--it was so funny because it was more like an insulted, "I'm standing here aren't I? Why would you ask me that?!" Haha! I love it.