Monday, February 13, 2012

When Blogs Collide

Last Friday we packed up and went down town to the Seattle Aquarium to meet the girls (and technically, maybe the boy) of the diaries of the happy sanitarium.

We were there to see the fishies and the baby sea otter. She's the tiny ball of fluff up on the wall...she kind of looks like a fuzzy rock. That's partially just how she looks and largely because of my photography "skills". Our kids were all quiet, well behaved and ready to learn the finer points of marine biology.

There was never any running around... climbing on any exhibits... silliness... splashing...
and certainly no burping contest between those two who are only two weeks different in age.
Naomi and I walked peacefully behind our perfect children with smug smiles on our faces, never losing any of the children (haha). And when we found this real live human trimming coral, none of the kids pretended to pinch him through the glass.
What? You don't believe me. Well, we did have a lot of fun : ) And that's the actual honest truth.
Thanks for a fun Friday, girls!

After we left Naomi an her girls, we headed up into Pike Place Market. The Market has its lure to tourists and local. And it can be fun to take company to see it. But, may I just say, I'm not too attracted to it. There, a local gal and here I am admitting that I don't like Pike Place Market. I never buy any food there because I know I can get it cheaper elsewhere. And I always feel like I need to take a bath in vinegar when I leave because I feel so germy. There are lots of weirdos who talk to my kids. And keeping track of three kids all alone in that mess is scary to me. Thankfully the kids are all pretty nervous around the crowds and so they stay close to me. We did have a lot of fun buying treats from the Pike Place Bakery (the hardest part was choosing which one we each wanted) and then eating them while watching the Flying Fish. Ezra and Caroline wanted me to take their picture on The Pig before we left. Then we hiked up the hill 7 blocks to Daddy's office. We bugged him for a while until he decided to pack up shop and come home a few minutes early with us instead of riding the bus home. The best part is when Ezra told Tadd's boss "You won't see my Dad anymore today because he's coming home with us now!" I guess we always are telling our kids not to be sneaky!
And when we came home, Tadd went up in the attic and found that--a gigantic wasp nest. Thankfully it's dormant and he was able to remove it without any stings. Now to make sure the attic is totally sealed off so that they won't be able to get back in--because we know they will try hard!


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I am pretty sure those perfect children take after me....yep I did believe you. Pictures aren't always what they appear! That sounded like a lot of fun - NOT the market - but the rest did. I am glad that Tadd got to go home with the family and that Erza felt good about telling the boss that! Nora is a doll and every picture I see she gets cuter!!!

The Chatty Housewife said...

Looks like fun. The baby otter really is just a ball of fuzz, very cute and not what I expected. That wasp's nest looks scary, it's huge!

NaomiG said...

Haha! This had me rolling. Yes, that is exactly how I recall the day. :-) It was really really fun. We'll have to do it again. :-) Next time I'll park at an all-day parking garage. And, maybe we should take leashes for the children. :-) It's true, Pike's is so germy and crowded and full of weirdness. Way better on a weekday than a weekend though.

I'll blog my pics soon!

Anonymous said...

lol @ Ezra to tadd's reallly laughing omyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!! ~Cath

Adkins Family said...

What a fun day! I can relate to most of those things the said children might have been doing... thank goodness we mother's have a lot in common.

And bummer about your cinnamon rolls, I know how hard it is to make them from scratch. Thats why I've only ever done it once! :)

Cobblestone said...

Sounds like a super day! Did you visit the gum wall? - Ezra would love it. :) Yah, we don't buy non-peelable produce at Pike Place (and definitely don't try their samples) but we have found some favorite shops - spice shop, cheese shop, and MEAT of course. Plus the Russian food and clam chowder dipped in sourdough from the place across the street and fresh honeycomb and other munch-as-you-walk delights. We like watching the street musicians too. I'm GLAD you got rid of that nasty hornet's nest - great find!! pJ