Thursday, February 9, 2012

Unexpected Weight Loss "Program"

Last Friday night I stayed up late laboring over cinnamon roll dough. Ezra had a basketball game at 9 AM, which meant we all had to be out of the house by 8:30 on a Saturday morning. I thought having something ready to pop in the oven would expedite that. So....I mixed, kneaded and left in a warm spot to rise. 20 minutes later I remembered that I had forgotten to add the butter to the dough. Oops. I took it out, added the butter, mixed and kneaded again and put it back in the warm oven to rise--if it dared. This would have been a great place to lose weight, eh? Just leave out the butter. But I was worried they wouldn't taste good. As I went to make the filling I found that I was out of brown sugar. Go to the store at 10:15? Nope, not me. I subbed in white sugar, rolled up and cut my rolls and headed off for some shut eye. We ate the rolls Saturday morning, all was great. There were a dozen left over. They sat on the stove waiting to be enjoyed another day. Fast forward to Monday night. I was planning to dive into the cinnamony goodness the very next morning. While the oven was on broil cooking our salmon, I turned on a stove burner to steam some broccoli. While waiting for the water to boil, I crossed the kitchen (thank the Lord!) to work on something else. Suddenly there was a loud explosion, a scream (me) and the sound of shattering glass. I had accidentally turned on the burner where the leftover cinnamon rolls were resting in their glass 10x14 pan. And they exploded. Glass. All. Over. Kitchen.
Now, there are many silver linings here. Usually my little Nora is whiny at this time of night and is in my arms or standing and staring into the oven. This night she was in the other room playing with her Daddy. Often my big kids are in the kitchen getting the plates to set the table. Thankfully they had finished and were sitting across the room coloring. And I am often staring into space right over the stove. But I wasn't. Any one of us could have had burning hot glass exploded into our eyes/head/body/faces...but we didn't. Praise the Lord!
And even though my husband tried valiantly to convince me that we could save one or two of the cinnamon rolls...they all went in the trash. He also cleaned up the pile of big glass pieces sitting on the stove. When I see a huge mess staring at me, I have trouble finding a starting point. If someone else can identify the starting point and get the ball rolling, I can cease crying and start working. Thanks for being good at identifying the starting point for me, Dear! Made it easier for me to take apart the stove and clean out all the tiny pieces.
All in all, I think I'd rather have eaten the treat and gained the weight!

Assistant Coach Daddy has fun with his boy!

Ezra is number three. And Coach Romar, I know your contract expires in 2020, but you can let your successor know that Ezra has given a verbal to the UW. He's just waiting for the paper work to be sent over for his signature. Maybe by the time it gets here he'll know how to spell his last name. Go Dawgs! Oh, and Go Fire! That's who he plays for now : )


Lisa said...

Oh MY!!! Glass everywhere is the absolute worst, especially with small children around! So, so sorry that happened and very glad you are all ok!!! (Dallas is always tell me not to "store" things on top of the stove, now maybe I'll listen) :)

Megan Miller said...

Did you think that you had been shot? AHHH! broken glass AND wasted cinnamon rolls is definitely tragic! Last weekend I saw a drink bottle that had printed on the side, "guzzle, don't sip, life's uncertain". Perhaps this sentiment should apply to all treats, especially the homemade variety!

Love the picts of Big E. Would love to watch him play!

kdk said...

Ah! That happened to me with a glass pan full of melted butter, just as R was dashing down the stairs from his bath, wearing nothing, saying, "I smell butter!"

Anonymous said...

wow! sooo glad all is well and ur okay! yeah that's exactly how i react...freeze/cry/don't know where to! ~cath

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Scary to say the least! Oh my goodness. The Lord was right there taking care of everything! I loved the pictures of Ezra playing ball. So glad he is doing that. Good way to use up energy! If we would do that we could eat sweet rolls without any problem, huh!?!