Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Miss Nora Liv

We have a new two year old in the house. As I was putting her to bed tonight I couldn't help but think back to that first night after she was born. Tadd had gone home to sleep in a bed. Ezra and Caroline were staying with their Grandparents. It was just me and my itsy bitsy little Valentine with the red bow in her hair. Tonight when I put her to bed there was no red bow in her hair. She was not (quite so) itsy bitsy. But it was just the two of us snuggling for a few minutes. She is so grown up these days. She's still tiny as can be--but she makes up for it in talk. I can't imagine life without her.
She loves shoes, as you can see. Yesterday she came out of my room wearing a pair of 4 inch Jessica Simpson heels. And she was walking in them! She also loves to sing "Jesus Loves Me" and knows all the words to the first verse and chorus. It makes my heart squeeze every time I hear it--and I can't imagine how much He must love it.
Nora has a few favorite things, among them: turtles, polka dots and the color orange. Her birthday was filled with each of those things. She has been enamored with turtles ever since we visited Uncle Nathan and Aunt Megan and saw their turtle. She requested a turtle cake with orange polka dots. I was pretty intimidated by the request, but I must say that I was very happy with the cake results. And when I showed it to her she said "OH, thank you, thank you!" Which, of course, made all effort worth it and then some.

Last Saturday night, Grandpa and Grandma Tractor, Great Grandma Kilcup and Uncle Brett came over for dinner to help us celebrate. Nora was blessed with lots of fun presents. She got a super cool turtle night light from Grandpa and Grandma and an outfit that was orange with polka dots. What more could she want? Well....besides a real live turtle. Which--she got! I'll devote a whole post to our dear turtle Mr. Tommy. Ezra and Caroline each spent some of their own money at the dollar section at Target to get her a cute little mask and some bracelets. They do adore their baby sister.

She loved having us all sing to her and talked about that and "blowing out the cake" a lot the next day or two.

Today on her actual birthday she attended the Valentine's party in Ezra's classroom and felt like that was another birthday party just for her. She will never lack for parties on her birthday! Happy Birthday, precious girl, Mommy sure does love you!


Adkins Family said...

Happy Birthday Nora! I'm finally just writing down the birthdays for the year on my calendar and I was going to send an email for your little miss (there is still an hour left, right?). Even better, you posed pictures of the darling girl on here. Thanks! ♥

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

She is a precious one! Love that Erza and Caroline spent their own money for presents. That's pretty special. and more darling pictures...I miss that girl! and her sister and brother and mommy and daddy!

Penny said...

Happy birthday, you anorable little girl! Love the first picture up there of momma and big girl!

NaomiG said...

Happy birthday to saucy little Miss Nora! :-) She is darling.

Your turtle cake turned out awesome!

Anonymous said...

there are no words for how precious she is,awww!!! wow all the sudden just really growing up and so beautiful, love love her big huge smile, great pic of you two!!!! ~Cath

Megan Miller said...

Norie poo, I love you!

Happy Birthday sweet girl. I do declare you look older than you did a month ago! Bring Mr. Tommy down to meet Plymouth. They could search for a way out of the tank together. Have fun in Idaho!

gourmetgirl said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Nora! Oh...and you will be wearing the 4-inch Jessica Simpson heels this Sunday, right? ;)