Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dinner At the Beach

Granted, this is not a warm sandy beach, it is a beach still the same. Calmly lapping water, the smell of salt in the air, rocks to throw in the drink and the sound of happy kids. Last week we were supposed to be on a vacation with Tadd's whole family. The various branches of the family were packed and ready to leave Saturday morning. Friday afternoon we got a call that rocked each of us. Tadd's dear Uncle Richard had gone Home to be with the Lord. We were all in shock. Our hearts ached, and still ache for his immediate family. Loss is so hard. Praise the Lord we know where Uncle Rich has gone and we know that all who have accepted Christ as their Lord and Saviour will join him there. But loss is still hard. We made the decision to cancel the trip and sadly explained to all the children why. Missing out on a trip is no fun, but losing a family member is much worse. Tadd was able to make the trek back to Idaho for the funeral. Unfortunately, the rest of us weren't able to go with him like we wanted to. He made the trip a quick one. The night we picked him up we grabbed some fast food and headed for the mentioned beach to eat and relax.
On the way to pick up our beloved Daddy I asked Ezra and Caroline "Would you like to have dinner at the beach tonight?" Ezra quickly replied "Which beach, Hawaii??". I wish.

I think I was saying "please DO NOT take my picture" here. You know, the way you do it with a semi-smile just in case the "photographer" ignores your request (order).

The Puget Sound is not warm. Not at all. Ever. And on this particular night the air was not warm either. I was not prepared with swim suits or towels. But, my kids went swimming anyway. Crazy kids. Not just wading either. They fully immersed.

Nora wished for a way out of the front pack and into the water. Good thing wishing gets you no where!

It was a semi-relaxing evening. And don't feel too sorry for us about the missed vacation because another one has already been rescheduled. It's an even bigger adventure than the last one. If I live through the adventure I'll tell you why : )


Rose said...

What a fun playground the beach can be to drain off toddler energy :)!! Water is the perfect distraction for my kiddos on these long summer days. I'm sorry you didn't get to do the family get together this time... It will be fun for the kids to see their cousins at conferece in a couple weeks!

Adkins Family said...

So good to see pictures of your smiling kids (and a half smiling you!). We're so sad for Tadd's extended family with the loss of Rich. Many, many prayers going up for them all.

Can't wait to hear about your next adventure...

NaomiG said...

So sad for the whole extended family... praying for peace for you all.

What a great batch of pictures! Those impromptu evening trips are the best. Love it!

robyn said...

We are enjoying these cute pictures of "Cara and Eswa"!