Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heff Graduates!

One last sleep out for a boy and his dog before the boy graduates high school and goes out to conquer the big bad world.... : )
Dad and Mom held an Open House to celebrate Jeff's graduation and let me tell you, were we ever glad for Aunt Emily! She is one hard working veggie and fruit chopper. This isn't really fair of me, but I thought she looked so cute chopping onions with the bread in her mouth to absorb the tear causing odors. Mom worked doggedly to keep the house clean with 11 of us living here for the weekend.
Sunday we headed for the ceremony. It was the usual mix of student speakers and performers. The student speaker chose to profess Christ and many in the audience applauded him in that moment. What guts for a young man to stand up for his Lord in front of such a large audience!
Jeff receiving his diploma.
And now will follow the gazillion requisite photos of the grad with his various and assorted family members standing in the sunshine outside the Tacoma Dome.

After the ceremony and photo session, we all headed home to get the food ready for the Open House. Mom put together a delicious mix for the menu: steak, pepper and onion kabobs, chicken poppy seed green salad, rolls, fresh fruit and a dessert tray from Affairs full of delectable calories. The salad is one that we saw on the Panera Bread menu. Rather than over pay them, she decided she could duplicate the salad here at home. I highly recommend this salad. She mixed romaine lettuce, strawberries, blueberries, diced fresh pineapple, mandarin oranges, grilled chicken, sliced almonds and creamy poppy seed dressing. Yum! We washed it all down with gallons of fresh homemade lemonade.


Megan Miller said...

As I'm skrolling through I think "Oh wow! Erica was there." Took me a bit. Congrats Heff. Nora, hold on to your diaper cover, Aunt Megan is gonna be kissing on you in just a few days!

Megan Miller said...

why the sk...scrolling. shesh. Why do I never see these things before I publish myself. Where's my editor!

gourmetgirl said...

I concur with copying restaurant recipes at usually tastes better ;) Love your photo stories as usual. Glad the sun shone for you all!

NaomiG said...

Congrats Jeff! :-) That salad sounds awesome! Those events are so fun. :-)

Adkins Family said...

Okay, so I just tried the whole bread-in-the-mouth while cutting an onion thing and it's fabulous! I'm not sure why I hadn't heard of that before because I've tried a lot of other things that don't work. Congrats to Jeff and have fun in PL next week!