Sunday, May 16, 2010

Nora Liv--3 months!

This post is put up especially with Grandpa Moto, Grandma Idaho and Auntie Avy in mind : ) I never posted any pictures of her at 2 months, so here's a couple to start it off. She had a 2 month check up while we were still in Idaho and was proclaimed to be a healthy girl! However, she was still over 2 pounds less than her siblings were at 2 months. Not that she's under weight or anything, just a chubby girl rather than all out fat : )

And then we hit the super-fast forward button and all the sudden last Friday she turned 3 months. The biggest change is that she has good days. I say "good days" because after I last posted that her colic was mostly gone, she decided to open her big mouth and prove that she can yell just as loud as before for just as long as before. Oops. But it is still better than it used to be. Oh yes, and she basically rolled over yesterday for the first time. I got all excited and yelled "Nora, what are you doing???" and she startled and rolled back to look at me. Now, I know that many children roll over at 3 months, or even earlier. But not in our family. Ezra and Caroline both waited until 8 months or later for their first time. So, three months surprised me.
Perfect little 3 month features.
Teeny, tiny toes.
Miss Nora likes the front pack now that she can face forward. It's a mercy, because she doesn't like much of anything. She enjoys hanging off the front of me for hours each day. We go for lots of walks with the kids this way. If only my back didn't complain after a few hours...
I do love my Nory Pory Puddin' Pie!

This hat that cousin Janie made for Nora is getting a lot of use. I just love the springy colors and it fits perfectly at this age.
The matching outfits that Miss Kris bought for the kids were pulled out this morning for Sunday-wear. Thanks, Miss Kris.

And that, my friend is 95 pounds of kid you're lookin' at!
Hope you are having a fun trip Grandpa Moto and Grandma Idaho. And we surely do Miss you Aunt Avy. Put Hank up in some swanky lodging and come visit us!


Megan Miller said...

Those pictures were for me too! Miss Nora looks so different from when I saw her last. What a bundle of sweetness! Gracious! Can't wait to give her and her brother and sister some hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

pretty jealous my parents get to see you guys and I don't haha :) hope you are in Tacoma next sunday, we will be there then(23rd) Lord willing because of our family in town for the wedding. Potluck in Kirkland was moved from the 23rd to the next sunday for the YP weekend. ~cath

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Ah, I missed these kids....they are so adoreable. Nora is really changing and growing. It's time for a Jerry Giesbrecht family in Aberdeen...NO place else!! That way I get to see Lucas, Jill, and Mia!!! Thanks for the post...made my day!

Adkins Family said...

What a cute, cute baby! I guess I'd better get a gift off for her arrival before she starts first grade! ;)

psjacobsen said...

So, so precious! Nora definitely has her very own 'look', and by the way, YOU are looking great, too!

NaomiG said...

Aw, such a sweetie-pie! And, yeah, that's a pile of adorable kids you have there. You're at the point where you can't carry them all at once... :-) I can't either, but that's just cuz mine are too big, not cuz there's three. :-)