Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Last Days in Idaho

Since we really have no order to life right now, neither will my posts have order : ) These are the last days in Idaho. Tadd was able to dig my camera cord out of the storage shed, so that I could finally transfer what was left on the camera.
Little Miss dressed herself for a spring walk.

This would be why Grandpa Idaho has officially had his name changed to "Grandpa-Moto". Sorry for the confusion : )

Caroline decided to paint her own fingernails purple one day. I had already done her toes, but she thought she'd better add an extra coat to them as well.
We enjoyed a delicious dinner at the Fairview Inn one Friday night. Aunt Esther knows kids so very well--she served them ice cream cones.
Ezra and Mitchell in their matching outfits.
Caroline and Ella in their matching outfits. Grandma Idaho made Caroline's dress and Aunt Hedder made Ella's skirt. Madeline sold us the fabric : )

Mr. Levi--we will surely miss watching this little guy grow up so very much! I bet he's already changed a lot in the short time we've been gone.

Aunt Heather made some darling cowboy hat, boot and sheriff badge shaped ice cream sandwiches. I can still taste Grandpa's strawberry and coffee ice cream in those sandwiches!

Waiting patiently for dessert.
The sing they had at our going away party. Caroline sat with her friends and they all sang and did hand motions quite enthusiastically. Ezra and his cousins were a little more sedate (for once).

Gearing up for another morning of loading up our lives.
This is how I will forever remember my little girl looking in Idaho.

Our last week in Idaho was, of course, a little crazy with lots of lasts. Last dinners with the family, last visits with friends, saying good bye and packing. I meant to take pictures of all the ladies who came to help me clean and hold Nora--but I didn't. I meant to take pictures of all the men who helped load the van, but I didn't. I didn't even take a picture of the moving van, which had a dinosaur on it--much to Ezra's delight. So, those are the pictures that are missing. You can imagine them : )


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Come back, Come back, Come back! Were you really here or was it just a delightful dream??? I sure do miss you guys but so thankful for the time you were here. Thanks for the favorite kids were on here!!!

Anonymous said...

awwww...i got teary eyed for all of you, what a great documentary of pics...C's outfit is HYSTERICAL :D and baby Levi is adorable!!! ~Cathy :)

Penny said...

I love Caroline's outfit!! Hope your kiddos don't miss Grandpa & Grandma Moto too badly. :(

NaomiG said...

That walking outfit is too adorable, and my kids are dressing very similarly these days--they would love it. :-) Love the matching outfits with the cousins too!!