Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Thanksgiving Wedding

The Saturday morning after Thanksgiving we all got gussied up and headed to Luci and Lanny's wedding. It was a lovely wedding joining two families together. They served a delicious lunch following the ceremony...including hot soup--your choice of clam chowder or cream of tomato. I thought that was a great idea!

Sorry that these pictures are so hard to see. I needed my longer zoom.
Luci's son Luke walked her down the aisle and was the best man. Lanny's son was his groomsman and his two daughters were the bridesmaids.

The little benches and all the Christmas trees set up were perfect for taking pictures of the kids after the meal.

If only Ezra would have cooperated. I'm afraid that this fake smile has moved in for good.
And, of course, his favorite kind of pose--being silly!
I don't think these two cousins look particularly alike, but their expressions do match.

And Caroline might not look much like me--but as you can see we both do the space cadet look quite nicely.
The sibling shot.
And Caroline's new friend and cousin--2nd once removed or some such relation. They were born only a week apart. Thanks for hosting a fun wedding, Luci and Lanny--and congratulations!


Glenda said...

Thanks for posting those Brooke - I am really happy for Luci and Luke.

On the picture subject... which camera do you have?

Do you have the one shot/continuous shot option? If so... put it on the continuous shot and when you get them posed and then focused then just lay on the shutter and take 5 or 6 in a row and guaranteed somewhere around the last 2-3 his face will be relaxed and cute! And even wait another second and fire off another round.

Anonymous said...

I have too many things to say ;) First, Caroline's outfit is so awesome :) Second I think she looks like you a lot in that pic, and you look different in that pic somehow. Third, those pics of the kids are hysterical and the boy's expressions and red hair match and their eyes are kinda similar. Fourth, wow Ella's looking more Giesbrecht! Fifth, I forget ;) haha, later! ~Cath

Brooke said...

Cathy, you crack me up. My face is pregnant along with the rest of me : ) That might be what makes me look more like Caroline and a little "different" right now, haha. I'm starting to swell up the way I did at the end of my pregnancy with Ezra.
Glenda, thank you for the camera advice. We have a Nikon D40 and any issues are with the user and NOT the camera : ) I'll have the try the continuous shot to get a more natural photo of E. That's a great idea!

Anonymous said...

Okay that's probably it, I kinda figured, but I think you look great that way and with a glow :) :) ~Cath

Penny said...

I LOVE Ezra's fake smile!! School pictures, here we come!! Good to see y'all :)