Friday, December 18, 2009

Our Boy

My boy Ezra is a grown up four year old, as of yesterday. Somebody please tell me, how did this:turn into this:
In four short years? Last night at bed time I told him that "four" is the last birthday he's ever allowed to have. The first four years have been fun. But turning five signals the start of school and Independence and whatnot. So, four is as far as he can go. Something tells me this is not a command he'll be able to obey.
He started out his morning opening presents from Grandpa and Grandma Tractor that had arrived in the mail. So much excitement! He even kindly shared these monster trucks and their track with his sister and cousin shortly after opening them.
We had a full day with Christmas craft time at the library story time...stopping by some dear friends' house to see their brand spanking new baby girl...naps...and time!
Lots of kids feasting on hot dogs and box juice. What more could a boy want for a birthday?

The parents also came to spend the evening together. Poor little Levi was the only one unable to join the other kids at the kid table.

He didn't seem too upset. He looks at you with his big eyes and starts giggling and talking these days--so grown up already.
Ezra has had this train cake before, but I paid enough money for the pan that I wanted to use it again while trains are still "cool".

Of course, all those candy decorations are a big hit with the kids. They love to pick out which train cupcake they want after the candles are blown out.

It was a fun party with lots of fun people. And now he doesn't get another birthday for a whole year. Thank you, Lord for the beautiful blessing of our precious boy Ezra. Our lives changed in a major way the day he came into this world and we would never ever wish the old way back--how boring it would be!


Rose said...

Happy Birthday Ezra!! I hear ya about the kiddos growing up!! I told Savanna that she CAN NOT grow any taller, because she needs to still be my baby. I don't think she heard me, she just kept talking about what cake she wants on Tuesday...oh well :( .

Megan Miller said...

Happy Birthday big boy! Aunt Megan has a present for you as soon as you get down here and right after a big hug and a little kiss! We love you! Sorry to have missed the fun party.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR EZRA!!!! :) Sad I cannot make it to Burbank conf. and see y'all :(!!!! ~Cathy

robyn said...

Happy Birthday Ezra! I remember when you were born...a cute red haired baby boy! Now, you're a cute red haired big boy!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Happy Birthday, Ezra. I love your cake. and I love you, Ezra!