Monday, December 14, 2009

Around These Parts

It's been freezing cold and a little bit snowy here these past few days in December. It's not so bad when we can stay inside. And the roads get plowed frequently, so while driving still makes me quite nervous, it's not nearly so bad as it could be!
Ezra and Caroline are getting to feeling a little cooped up, but manage to log a lot of miles running around the inside of the house. When the temperatures warm up a bit, they go outside to play with Daddy and use up some energy. Ezra is a PRO at shoveling the driveway!

And...the reservoir is frozen over and covered with snow. We really want to go throw rocks to test the ice...but it's been a little cold for our tolerance. Yesterday while sharing a Sunday dinner with Uncle Alan's family and Grandpa and Grandma Idaho we noticed some guys ice fishing on the other side.

Also, Daddy's newest hobby--coffee roasting--is getting to be a bit of an obsession for him. He is experimenting with dozens of different green bean variety and also a bit of mixing. Last night Caroline decided she wanted to get in on some of the fun.

Yes, that's a popcorn popper he's using. No, the shop-vac is not part of the process (to my knowledge).
Whaddya think? Is he worth his beans?

Sometimes a good friend ("Mr. Johnny Tysor" himself) even shows up to entertain the kids with a big machine. He kindly cleared the driveway with 4 children in the cab while we adults enjoyed a Sunday afternoon dessert in peace and quiet in the house!
The sunrises are much later now than in the summer and a little more subdued...but still just as beautiful to watch each morning.

Freezing fog makes for the most beautiful of trees.

Interestingly enough, we have approximately 2 months left until Baby joins our family. Are we ready? No. But I've started having all the labor dreams and begun to wonder if I know where the baby car seat is??? ( I don't! Did we throw it away before we moved? Were we planning to buy another???). Caroline is still sleeping in the crib and we don't have a bed for her to move into. Is that a problem? It will be at some point, but for the first few months Baby can sleep in his/her Moses Basket...better get that cleaned up too. Ahhh....all these thoughts that run through my head as I toss and turn looking for a comfortable position that Baby and I both agree on so that I can fall into blissful sleep. Better enjoy the little snatches I get whilst I can!


The Chatty Housewife said...

I love hoarfrost, it's beautiful! We don't get much of it here.

Did you lend your infant car seat to someone?

NaomiG said...

Beautiful pics! :-) Did you buy high quality long underwear this fall?! I never wore the stuff in the Couv, now I wear it constantly, makes such a difference for all of us being warm. Well, the car seat is important, but you know, the rest of the stuff will just work itself out. Babies DO NOT need cribs. :-) Don't stress! :-)

Rose said...

Looks COLD!! Are you glad you will be coming down to some nice WARM weather :)?!! Looking forward to seeing you and your "baby bump" soon...
I bet your house smells wonderful from that coffee!

Anonymous said...

wow I'm liking the home coffee bean roasting, no way, that's awesome!! Go Tadd!! ~Cathy

kdk said...

How does the coffee taste? How dark can you get it in the popcorn popper? French Roast? :-)

Adkins Family said...

Cold, snow and coffee do go together quite well. When the Moses basket gets too small, you can use a laundry basket like we did for our kids. : ) Wyatt grew out of that quite quickly though. You can always get Caroline a sleeping bag and a sleeping pad for awhile, kids seem to like sleeping on the floor, right? Can't wait to see you all!