Sunday, November 1, 2009

A Leetle Party

Saturday night we had a little birthday party for Daddy. Since it also happened to be October 31st, the kids at the party dressed up. We had a fire fighter, a ballerina and a butterfly. And I was so busy with dinner and visiting that I really didn't get any good pictures. But there are a few.
We had a harvesty-themed dinner. The menu included:
hoers d' oeuvres: foccacia tiles and apple cider
starter: apple-cheddar soup
salad: pecan and apples over greens
main course: apple-glazed oven roasted chicken with wild rice and spaghetti squash
And finally, we enjoyed a mud pie for the birthday cake--Daddy's choice. Lots of good company made for a fun evening.

A little ballerina showed up to be my helper in the kitchen.

This was Tadd's birthday cookie on his actual birthday.
Matching pa-pas and cozy jammies on Saturday morning.
Setting a harvesty table is easy with our gold dishes!

The focaccia tiles pre and post baking. This is a great recipe (very easy!) from the October issue of BHG. I recommend it. I made two batches not knowing how big it really was. One batch is really plenty to feed 12.
The butterfly and the ballerina.
The fire fighter minus his hat.
The butterfly's darling baby sister who is getting so big joined the party.
After dinner, Grandma had the hard job of picking the chickens. Caroline helped her by eating the meat directly out of the tupperware.
The kids had harvest coloring pages to color after they finished eating.
And then a little cookie decorating (and eating) took place. Pumpkin and leaf shaped sugar cookies were made by Ezra and Caroline (with a little help from me) earlier in the week. We had lots of frosting and sprinkles but ditsy mommy forgot she was out of food coloring--so the project was a little boring with only white and brown : )

"Who cares what color the frosting is--and who cares about cookie decorating? I just eat all the frosting straight off the knife!"
He had a lot of help blowing out those candles.

Thankfully we "fell back" that night and were able to get an extra hour's rest after all the activity.


Anonymous said...

well for bein ditzy, you did a great job looks like, with quite the spread and boy the menu sounded fantastic! and the table looked gorgeoussss :D ~Cath

Megan Miller said...

Looks like a fun bash. Happy Birthday to my elder brother. Are you sure he is only 35? Caroline and Ms. Butterfly are too cute together!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

The pictures tell a fun story! Good pictures!

Penny said...

Looks like fun! Did tadd dress up as a farmer?

NaomiG said...

Wow! What an awesome party--LOVE the tablescape! You blow my mind with your all your clever craft projects for the kids and whatnot... :-)

robyn said...

The food sounds super yummy...and what a beautifully set table! Now I'm inspired to make dinner a little more fancy this evening :)

Brooke said...

Megan AND Penny--Tadd says "ouch!" to you both ;)