Thursday, November 5, 2009

Alphabet Sounds

Yep--a video! A what???? I've never posted a video before. We did not own a cord to our old video camera that allowed us to upload clips to the computer. Then we went and lost the charger sometime around the time we moved. The cost of a computer cord and a new charger was more than we wanted to pay for our outdated video camera. So, we took the tapes to a specialty store where they are putting them on dvd for us. And we are trying out a handy-dandy new video camera. Still undecided on whether it's a keeper or not.
This video is especially for Grandpa and Grandma Tractor. I can remember my mom volunteering in my kindergarten classroom while my teacher went over this very exercise with all of us each morning.
Please, please, please excuse the loud sound of my voice. Is there anyone out there who likes the sound of their own voice on video??? Without further's a sample of the kids practicing their alphabet sounds.


Anonymous said...

HOW CUTE! Brings back memories of Waller the cowboy hat and "can I watch a movie" at the end...and the way Caroline keeps checking out the camera :) I miss my babies!!
Grandma Tractor

robyn said...

How cute! Violet clapped along with them at the end, and was trying to sing along. She only knows the "now I know my" part. We like the speedy version, too :)

Anonymous said...

OHH MY DEAR!!! ;p okay that was my laugh of the day, I loved it, soooo cute esp. the part where Tadd's classic "WOW" at the end of Ezra's fast version was soo echoing my sentiment hahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love to all, Cath

Anonymous said...

I SO miss your songs coming from across the hall. Admittedly they were a little more advanced than this. And I suppose I should let the idea of that go since you're in another state and I'm in another hallway! Thanks for sharing -- so cute! :)