Monday, November 2, 2009

Just For Lucas!

Lucas, we really, really, really missed you last Friday! Wanna know why? There was a BMX show for free at the middle school by Grandpa and Grandma's house. We heard about it while we were at story time at the library. So, after lunch we headed over to check it out. They had 3 professional riders and a big old ramp. We all knew that you would love to see these rad tricks we were watching : ) Ezra and Caroline were seriously wowed. This guy made it around the gym 1.5 times standing up on the seat and handle bars that way.
We saw full flips, 360's and plenty more!
The riders jumped over volunteers who were willing to risk their bodies by laying down on the gym floor.
They ended up with jumping 7 kids at a time.
The above trick is hard to see...but the rider would ride in on one bike and then hop onto another bike without ever stopping. The other riders were standing there to catch the bikes so that they wouldn't get ruined.

Lots of tricks whose names I cannot remember.

Caroline had fun jumping around on the bleachers.
And my final trick of the day? Tripping down the last two bleacher seats while carrying Caroline and falling onto the gym floor. Don't worry, none of us was hurt. Beyond pride, that is. Thankfully everyone was too busy getting the autographs of the riders to see. And Tadd and Ezra were over checking out the ramp, so they didn't even notice : ) Guess I should have worn my helmet just to watch the show!
Hope you enjoyed the pictures, Lucas. Wish you could have been here with us!


NaomiG said...

Glad you're ok! I had one experience with bleachers in my first trimester, and I would never step onto them pregnant again. Crazy vertigo, and I have NO fear of heights. That show looks like so much fun!!! My girls would have loved that--and free? Ya can't beat that.

Megan Miller said...

The pictures were rock-n-roll! Man, Man! Those guys were doing some real cool freestyle!!!!!! (multiple ! upon request) I can probably never ride a bike like that. Thanks for showing me. Love, Lucas

kdk said...

Oh, sheez. Is that my old middle school gym?