Friday, July 31, 2009

No More Party Posts After This Last One : )

Two years old and already running out the door : ) I asked if I could take her picture with her chocolate cake all over her face and this is all she'd give me. She turned as she ran pell mell for her new bike outside and called over her shoulder "cheese!"
Caroline needed a little help blowing out her candles...Ezra's a pro.
It took three tries to get the candles to stay lit with all the fans cooling off the house. She didn't mind the candles, but having everyone sing "Happy Birthday" to her freaked her out both times it happened. Tadd's parents pointed out that the singing is what made him ball at his first birthday--so I suppose we know where she gets it : )

Showing off her new bling.

Now THAT is a dinner table full of trouble!
She was very good about ripping all the paper off her presents.
Haha, aggressive unwrapping.
For the past month, Caroline has been asking for a bike for her birthday. Two seems a little young, however...we got Ezra his first bike shortly after he was two. He learned to ride before very long at all and before he was three he could go on several mile rides beside me. Now he rides everywhere with confidence. We want Caroline to be able to do the same. With a new baby on the way, it would be nice to have her confidently riding by the time she's three--then the trailer can belong to the baby. She is always trying to climb on Ezra's bike, which is much too tall for her. Without further ado...the presentation of her birthday bike : )
She had climbed on before Tadd could even get it all the way into the room. It's just the right size and she's so excited to have it.

She loves wearing a helmet, just like Ezra does. We are still working on learning to pedal--but she sure is determined.

Caroline shares a birthday with her Uncle Alan and we did celebrate his birth at our dinner as well. I apologize that I forgot to upload the shots of him with his candles and gifts. Happy Birthday to the both of ya. And next week--no more birthday posts...I promise!


Anonymous said...

Wow how is it possible for her to look sooo much older in just 3 and a half months...sigh... :) ~Cath

kdk said...

I missed your answered prayers post until today - CONGRATULATIONS! (Now I can't visit Aberdeen because there's obviously something in the water.)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

I loved seeing the pictures even though I was priviledged to be there in person! I got a good one of Caroline - I need to send it to you.