Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Forgotten Post

These first two pictures are to prove that we do indeed see our cousins who live just down the road a ways--every couple of weeks or so : ) In the short time we've lived here, it seems that one or the other of us is out of town or has company. Aunt Heather and I figure we have the rest of our lives to spend time together so we try not to worry about it and play together when we get the chance.

These boys are so similar and yet so different--the mystery of cousinhood.

Two weeks ago we had some fun family in town and I totally forgot to post about it! My Mother-in-Law's "baby" sister and her husband and two daughters came to town for a few days. We had a really fun time swimming and picnicking with them on a Friday evening and then went back to Grandpa and Grandma's for the pinata Grandma had prepared for all the kids.

Ezra, Ella and Cousin M had fun jumping off the edge of the pool together. Cousin P played nicely in the pool with Teddy and Caroline.

Cousin M and Ella formed a great friendship in the few days they were together.

They jumped off together again and again.

After swimming we headed out across the creek to a picnic table where food was enticing us.

The kids had been changed out of swim suits and into dry clothes--why???? Good question. The creek is warm and the kids had a blast getting wet...again.

Cousin P is very good with the little kids. We asked if she'd stay for the summer and she said yes, but her parents must want her because she went home with them.

In addition to being Grandma's sister, Aunt Gretchen was friends with my mom as a girl/young woman. You never know who your child is going to marry, so be nice to all your friends : )

After dinner and creek play, we headed home to Grandpa and Grandma's house for the pinata.

Cousin P was made to really take careful aim--Uncle Alan kept yanking the pinata away from her : )

Go Teddy!

Ezra was able to get out some aggression.

At LAST--the pinata gave up its goods. Might have gone a little faster if we had had more than a plastic and nerf bat. But this way each kid got a number of turns and had a lot of fun. Thanks Grandma, good idea!


Adkins Family said...

Looks like fun! We don't know what its like for our kids to have cousins yet. :)

Megan Miller said...

I am not sad and disgruntled. Doesn't look like much has changed at the "Nat". See ya soon!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

What a totally fun post! I felt like I had been there....