Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Candy Necklaces!

This post is for you, Grandma Harbor! We got a package in the mail from Grandpa and Grandma on Saturday--full of goodies for the kids. Gum, Bob the Builder DVD, tic-tacs and candy necklaces. Today after lunch the kids enjoyed candy "pretties". Grandma knows how much Caroline enjoys jewelry.
So proud of her "pretty".
But not too much so to start chowing down on it.


Candy necklaces present many opportunities for hamming it up.

Good to the last piece!

And these next two shots are just for you daddy. A little reassurance that all that sugar was scrubbed off before nap time.

This seemed like a picture I should post now that I live in the country. In my defense, however, I did bake my own bread when I was a city wife too.
Mom, I took your advice on getting garbage cans for the flour. One garbage can for each, white and whole wheat. They perfectly hold a 25 pound bag of flour. And they are so easy to get into.

Now...going back in time to catch up. We've had a huge batch of birthdays/holidays since we moved here that we've been busy celebrating and not photo-documenting. Between the 5th and the 11th we've had Aunt Heather's birthday, Mother's Day and Grandma Idaho's birthday. We are stuffed full of cake, ice cream, pie, strawberries with angel food cake....and much, much more. I was given some beautiful and thoughtful gifts from Tadd and the kids for Mother's Day. No pictures, of course. I got a hanging basket for outside, a digital frame for my living room and some dried mango from Costco. This is one of my favorite treats EVER. The cost is too high for everyday enjoyment, but I often get a bag as a gift. Too bad I have two little vacuum cleaners who keep it from lasting too long : )

Post-bath photos after a morning of helping me plant the vegetable garden.

The full moon was rising over the reservoir last Saturday night and boy was it a beauty. By the time I got the lenses switched and the flash turned off, it didn't look nearly as big and orange--but still pretty.

We are enjoying a second spring. We left Snoqualmie just as the tree blossoms, tulips and daffodils were finishing up. We arrive in Idaho just in time to see all these things beginning.

And, these are the few pictures I got on Aunt Heather's birthday.

We leave for Moscow in just a couple of days to watch Uncle Jacob graduate as an architect! Yeah for finishing 7 or 8 years of school (I can't remember how many, Jake, sorry. You have to remember that I only ever taught kindergarten and 1st grade and so I was able to stay pretty stupid). We get to see Grandpa and Grandma Tractor and all three uncles and one aunt--can't wait!


Adkins Family said...

Glad to see you are settling in well. Have fun in Moscow this weekend, I miss it there!

Megan Miller said...

You must get down here quickly before Caroline's hair grows any longer! She looks like such a big girl!

Anonymous said...

Wow love Caroline's hair-do(?), looks different, straighter here?! she looks older in just a couple weeks!!! ~Cath

The Chatty Housewife said...

Candy necklaces are so much fun! It looks like you are settling in well. I love the organized pantry, great job!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Good pictures. Even though I get to actually see you now I still love looking at the pictures. I will miss you this weekend! Loved the bath pictures-so cuddly looking!

robyn said...

Thanks for that reminder of yet another childhood treasure to rediscover! The possibilities are endless, aren't they :)