Monday, December 28, 2015

A Decade of Ezra

Ten days ago our oldest turned a decade!  I enjoy having his birthday be during the Christmas season for many reasons--but it does make things rather hectic.  I don't ever want to him to think his birthday is an after thought and thankfully he is very easy going as to how we celebrate. 

 Here he is first thing on the morning of December 18th.  Birthday snuggles with his baby brother.
 And Daddy took the day off work, so he got some Daddy snuggles before school as well.

 Ezra has grown into a very hardworking young man.  He is always thinking up some new business and handing out fliers around the neighborhood--like pet sitting/dog walking and car washing and detailing.  He can be counted on to complete some of the more annoying tasks around here--such as cleaning out the fish tank or washing windows.  And his little brother is quite often his shadow.  We all enjoy watching him in his various sporting activities--each of which he plays for pure love of the game.  We are so very thankful to the Lord for giving us this fun loving, energetic boy as ours.

 The evening of his birthday he got to have a little celebration with presents and cake and his bestie.  He had just opened the sport jacket--thus the tags.  His only request for cake this year was that there be lemon filling and lemon frosting.  It felt a little strange not to be decorating it with some sort of a shape or theme--but it sure was easier :) 

 And he got his heart's desire from his (mostly) Dad and Mom--an RC car on steroids. 

 It's pretty fun to watch.  I haven't driven it yet--it goes 30 mph so when it crashes it has the potential to be really damaged.  We've already made two trips to the hobby shop for replacement parts.

 Crepe breakfast the next morning.  And how--he is officially ten!


Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Happy Birthday Handsome! I hope you will still want to give me a are growing up too fast, but remember how much I love those hugs!!!

kdk said...

Happy birthday to Ezra! We know all about visiting the hobby shop for replacement parts. :-)