Tuesday, January 19, 2016

How To Dunk A Basketball

Being as it's basketball season; and being as we have a player in the house; and being as we have a coach in the house, well, there is a lot of time spent out on the court these days.  And what the big boys do, so must the little boy!  Here is a step by step tutorial from Henry on how to dunk:

Step One:  If you can't find someone to lift you up high enough to dunk, take matters into your own hands.  Get the step ladder from the trampoline and pull it across the yard.  Position it in front of the basketball hoop.
 Step Two:  Carefully, carefully climb the ladder while holding your basketball.  This step is tricky and might take a few attempts.
 Step Three:  Put the ball through the hoop!
 Step Four:  Celebrate!
Step Five:  Repeat, repeat, repeat.