Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Scenery From Idaho

 Southeastern Idaho sure does put on a purdy show in the summa time.  All that golden wheat blazing out beauty in the sunshine!
 Rolling hills, green potato and beet tops....even the wheel lines contribute.
 Heather's property is full of gorgeous scenery as well--white sheds, flowers, fences--she's got it all.

 I see you, Kitty Kitty!  I think that this is Sparkle (correct me if I'm wrong, Ella) sneaking through my shots.

 I was going to leave the scenery shots "kid free", but these two best-friend-cousins fit so well in the pictures.

 When I told Nora to lean over and kiss Levi's cheek he got up and was off like a shot.  None of that yucky girl stuff for him!
 This old tractor might not have gps or air conditioning--but it sure is prettier to look at than the newer ones.
Idaho really does have a beauty all its own.


Adkins Family said...

I agree, so pretty! Being there earlier this summer made me briefly consider how nice it would be to live in the country.

Cobblestone said...

What are you talking about - no air conditioning?! That tractor still has its original air conditioning, working in perfect order, I might add. Just like my Dad has cordless screwdrivers. Beautiful, beautiful place!!!