Thursday, September 25, 2014

Family Portraits

It's been a few years since we've had extended family portraits taken.  This year we got portraits of both of our families within a few weeks of each other.  First up:  The Family Idaho.  We had our friend Cowboy Joe take these shots for us.  He was the perfect blend of fun and bossy--just what we needed to get us all positioned and smiling.  We used Uncle Alan and Aunt Heather's backyard beauty for our back drop.

 We all started off in a jovial mood...
 Heads were nearly popped off.
 And Joe started snappin' shots.  Long about the below photo is where things went south.
 We really wanted a picture with ALL the kids in it--so Tadd made sure that the crying one was also in the picture.  This about sums up her feelings on having her picture taken.

 We gave the crying one some time to calm down while individual family pictures were snapped.  Uncle Nathan and Aunt Megan's crew.
 Uncle Alan and Aunt Heather's crew.
 Our own little brood.
 Everyone stayed happy for pictures of the Grandparents with all ten.

 And then we managed to get a picture of the kids all happy.
 Finally, a whole family picture.  Yeah!  Something for our walls!

 This is how boys feel about family portraits.
 Next up:  The Tractor Family Portraits.  These were taken by the lovely professionals at The Picture People.  They were not quite so jovial as Cowboy Joe.  We were late to our photo session and so they felt the need to rush us through at top speed.  Unfortunately someone decided to close his eyes for all three shots that were taken.

 The kid shots are fun.         

 They were kind enough to try another picture with all eyes open. 
Again--Yeah!  A shot for the walls.