Monday, July 14, 2014

Summa Time....

What to do when I'm behind on posting?  Dump a bunch of pictures into one post, of course!  In case you were wondering, the kids did have a last day of school

 Henry and Nora and I walked them down to say one last good bye to our 1st and 2nd graders.

 When the short (2 hour) day was over we went down to get pictures with their teachers.  We had SUCH amazing teachers this year.  Our kids will truly miss these ladies.  Hopefully we'll have one of them again next year.

Henry had to say good bye to his good buddy Mr. D.  Mr. D is a recess teacher who would babysit Henry when I volunteered in the kids' classrooms.  Yep, babysit.  And the amazingness didn't end there either.  The two school secretaries would also often babysit Henry while I volunteered.  I never knew that a school could be this wonderful.  Henry became the office baby and would get passed from friend to friend.  He, of course, loved every second of it, being the people person that he is.  And I so enjoyed being able to do reading groups with the first graders without having Henry interruptions. 

 Mr. D says Henry is the grandson he doesn't think he'll ever get.  I told him that you never know--life hands us surprises.

After school we headed to a fun birthday party at a local park/splash pad.  It wasn't an especially warm day--but kids don't care--they got wet anyhow.

 I already explained that a week later we took a trip back to Idaho for a wedding and to spend a day in Boise with Daddy.  After that we headed home for a short day and a half to do laundry and repack our bags.  This time we headed off to Walla Walla.  Uncle Ted and Aunt Lynne were kind enough to host us.  They have a huge backyard with a creek running through it . What fun!
 Aunt Lynne went out and bought inner tubes and floaties for the kids to float around on.  When it's upper 90's out, that creek sure feels nice.
 Cousins came over to join in on the fun.

 Someone slept through the whole thing.  She had been playing hard all morning and couldn't resist a little nap.  When cousins arrived I tried to wake her but sleep was holding her hostage.

 Levi had to settle for Uncle Taddan since his playmate wouldn't wake up.
 Aunt Lynne also provided us with popsicles.

We soaked in the pleasant moments as long as we dared.  Then we all rushed around at top speed getting ready for a 4th of July evening wedding.  This time I did bring my camera and I'll share some photos with you....another day.

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