Tuesday, July 8, 2014

10 Months

 In the midst of a whirlwind two weeks--someone turned 10 months old!  We were in Boise the actual day of--but I left all the cameras at home.  It was a shame since the wedding we attended that weekend was quite gorgeous.  But I was a little relieved not to be chasing more items around since we flew to Boise and then drove the remaining 3 hours deep into southeastern Idaho farm country.  It was a fun two days spent with cousins and grandparents and friends.  The kids reverted back to country life quite easily.  Then we enjoyed a day in Boise while Daddy worked. 
 We returned home just long enough (a day and a half) to do laundry and re-pack the suitcases.  This time we headed off to Walla Walla for cousin Janie's nuptials.  I did take my camera on that trip and I got some fun pictorials.  I'll post about that another day.  These pictures of Henry were all taken on July 4th. 

 His newest trick is to stand up.  He crawls along on his feet and hands and then carefully stands up.  At first he scared himself silly.  Now he thinks it's fun.  Sometimes he even looks like "okay, now how do I move around?  I like this position better than crawling!"
 Maybe if I changed his diaper a little more often it would help him out : ) 
 He's still enjoying life--eating dirt, rocks, sticks--whatever he can get his hands on.  He's pretty cranky right now, but I can't really blame him with all the traveling we've put him through. 
 He currently has 7 teeth--I'm sure another one will arrive any time now as they tend to come in pairs. 
 And....thanks to two weddings he now knows about cake and frosting.  He could leave the cake--but the frosting--oh, yes please, he says.  I think he knows the sugar hits his blood fastest that way.
Growing up way too fast, this little monster is. 

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Adkins Family said...

He's such a cute lil' buckaroo! It was fun seeing him (and all the rest of you) two weekends in a row. :)