Friday, April 4, 2014

Seven Months Already

 He's working on his eighth month of life already, folks!  Boy--I love him so much it hurts.  Look at those big round eyes. 
 He thought it was fun to try to eat this cracker.  Of course, right after I took these pictures he got a piece bitten off and gagged and gagged on it until I finally had to sweep it out of his throat.  Whoops.  We went and bought some soft, crumbly whole wheat crackers the next day for him to try.  He still gags a bit as he's not used to this solid food stuff.
 I love this picture of Daddy feeding him his very first feeding (baby oatmeal)--Tadd has the classic open mouth of a parent feeding a baby.
 He hasn't loved baby cereal.  He seems to like some pureed baby food--but not in great quantities.  His favorites so far are applesauce, pears (that's the main fave), squash and sweet potatoes.  I feel an orange nose coming on!

Henry thinks the mornings are a special treat.  The big kids have not trundled off to school yet and he just can't decide who to stare at when all three are gathered around him.  It's so fun to see him look from face to face.  You can actually see the love in his eyes.  He knows how much they care about him--and they are so active that he can't help but watch.  By the time they come home from school he's often hit cranky afternoon time.  He still loves seeing them, but he's not always captivated for as long.
 We think he'll be able to touch his nose with his tongue....just like a certain big sister of his.  He's  hit the 22 pound mark and he's very wiggly.  That means that you have to have strong arms to hold him.  He loves being outside for walks--praise the Lord!  I alternate taking him in front packs and stroller.  My back prefers the stroller.  The issue with the stroller is that, if I go alone he can't see me and thinks he's floating out in space all alone.  He's usually okay like that for a mile or so.  But then he can't handle it and I'm left with a screaming child the rest of the way.  But if one or more of the kids comes with me and walks where he can see them, or rides a bike in front of him he stays content a lot longer.  I love finally being able to get exercise and fresh air on a more regular basis.  And I love exposing him to all that spring has to offer--colorful blossoms, chirping birds, fresh scents, giggling school kids, sunshine and rain. 
He prefers sitting upright and playing with his toys.  The few times that he's fallen on his tummy he pushes himself up, but doesn't try to get into crawling or army-crawling position.  He has scooted a bit on his bottom and can turn in a full circle on his bottom.  I'll be interested to see if he is a bottom scooter like Caroline was.  It's amazing how fast they can get around in that position.  And, unlike crawling, they can carry things around that way.  I must say, though, I am quite happy with his immobility at the moment!!!!  Especially now that we are now in baseball season and we are out on the bleachers, in the gravel, and beside a big swamp for many of the games.  Oh boy--seven months feels like a long time--and so much fun yet to come!


Adkins Family said...

I love the pictures of Caroline and Henry, so precious!

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

These pictures are just great! It is so fun to see Henry grow up. I can't believe he is close to a year old and I haven't seen him! How thankful I am that you post the growing up pictures!!