Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Eight is Great

Shhhhhh....don't look now, but I'm posting about Henry's being 8 months on the actual day he's turning 8 months.  I doubt this will ever happen again.  I even took pictures of him in the chair today.  I missed the chair pictures for both 6 & 7 months.  Oops.
It was 88 degrees here this afternoon so he's wearing summer clothes that show off his figure.
A few thoughts about my baby being 8 months old:
Four months ago he was still very much a newborn.
Four months in the future he will be one.
Eight months is 2/3 of a year old!!!!
One year ago right now I was five months pregnant and he was not very big.

 This guy is also eight--eight years, that is.  He loves his baby brother and his baby brother loves him!  May it always be so, Amen.

Henry also loves his Daddy.
 Last weekend we took him for his first  bike trailer ride.  He looks happy in this picture, but it didn't last real long.  We're going to have to work on endurance.  I took him out again on Tuesday and he did better.  He even fell asleep and stayed asleep for a while.

 Henry still does not like to eat many things.  He likes to chew on things.  He has two upper teeth now to go with his two bottom teeth.  He has two more upper teeth that are currently giving him fits and should be through soon.  I'm a little sad that he won't eat pureed baby food.  I have all these little helpers willing to feed him and he just won't have it.  He likes to finger feed himself cheerios and crackers but won't do much with cooked veggie or fruit pieces.  Guess it's all a texture thing.
 He took a nice oatmeal bath this evening to ease his eczema and cool himself off after the hot afternoon.  He likes baths now that he can sit up and play...and splash.
 It's been an amazingly fun eight months, Henry boy!


Megan Miller said...

He is looking so much like someone...but who? Those eyes are very familiar. Precious, precious! Your eight-year-old is pretty cute too!

NaomiG said...

He is so cute. Amazing how fast they grow, huh? And before we know it our babies are 8 years old! But they're still our babies, so some things don't change. :-)

Anonymous said...

wow his expressions are amazing, soo cute!! its crazy how some faces look just like Nora but others like Ezra!! :) ~Cath

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Such a cutey! Dad and Ezra also!!!