Thursday, November 14, 2013

Tramping Through the Woods Together

 Last month those boys above (and their parents and sister) came to visit us.  Well, really they came just to see Henry.  But they got all of us as a package deal.  We had lots of fun times.  The only fun time I plan to blog about from their visit, however, is this lovely tramp through the woods we took
 Taking seven kids hiking is somewhat of an adventure in and of itself, therefore we didn't feel the terrain needed to be too challenging.  I was a little nervous about how many times I might have to sit on the wet ground and lean up against a wet tree to feed a certain 8 week old.  We decided that Barclay Lake would fit our needs for the day. 
 We kept seeing these crazy forest creatures....

 Alan was our brave, strong stone lifter.
 The day was a misty, moisty sort of Seattle day.  We kept catching glimpses of gorgeous fall sunshine on the high peaks above us.  When we arrived at the Lake, however, the fog was still all around us.  I love the picture below of Ezra and Teddy.  I have titled it "Boys in the Mist".  Aren't I artsy and original?

 She's getting too grown up.  On the long drive to the hike I made her listen to me tell her my many memories of  her as a baby.  About how I loved holding her when she was a newborn.  How often we used to drive over to see them when we only lived three hours apart.  I'm sure she loved listening to me : )  She's such a pretty ten year old.  She and Caroline had fun times together playing with their American Girl dolls.  And one day Aunt Heather took the girls to the American Girl Doll Store.  I can't think of an adjective to use to describe them--I'll leave that up to you.  They weren't upset, let's put it that way.  And Aunt Heather let them stay for hours.  They got their dolls' hair styled and looked around and were girlie girls.  Aunt Heather, you are a saint!
 Now--these two.  Oh boy.  Levi has the energy of 5 four year olds.  He never stopped running.  Not during the four miles of hiking.  Not during our time up at the lake.  He is a ham and a half.  Boy do I love him!

 I love this guy too!

 We tried for family shots.  But it's just too many people to coordinate.  Someone is always making a face.
 These guys had the same problem.
 Oops, almost got a good one of everyone.  Actually, I think the below picture is rather perfect.

 And now, several shots that only their Grandparents will truly appreciate.

 Ezra was our strong hero on the way back down the trail.  By the way, Henry was still asleep at this point. 
 Here is a better shot of our family from Tadd's phone.  And for comparison, I included two shots of our family at Barclay Lake from September, 2011.  What a difference two years makes!

And--we made it allllll the way back to the car before Henry woke up.  Yeah!  He survived his first hike.  And so did I.  It felt good to be tramping about in the woods again!  Thanks for the fun time cousins from Idaho!


kdk said...

Fun shots; it's great to see your kids enjoying their cousins. Lifelong friendships in progress. :-)

Mike, Alice, and Hank the DOG said...

Here is an aunty that appreciates ANY pictures of her "kids"! They do have fun together don't they! I love it.

Adkins Family said...

And there is a distant cousin who loves to see all the silly photos of the kids and the ones with their grown-ups in them too! We miss all of you guys! ♥

Megan Miller said...

I can just hear all the ruckus in the cousins on a log photos. Looks like a great time!