Monday, September 23, 2013

First Day of School 2013

 School started three weeks ago tomorrow.  I just now uploaded these pictures from the camera.  Oops.  Nonetheless, we had the first day of school!  Daddy made it all happen.  He spent the first week feeding kids breakfast, packing lunches, finding backpacks and shoes and sweaters and, and, and...and taking them to school and picking them up...
 We have a new first grader...
 and a big old second grader.
 Yikes--time!  Always the enemy.
 The little girl in the picture below, took the photo of the Mama and the little boy in the picture above.  The little girl below spent the week chatting it up with her Daddy.  The Mama and the boy above spent the week taking a lot of naps.  It was wonderful.  Other than the recovery pain, I'd like to go back to that week and relive it whenever I can during my future years. 
 Oh--that boy!  Couldn't love him any more!  He was 3 1/2 days in this picture.  Already sporting a double chin, but still having some serious chicken legs. 
 Henry and I barely managed to get the "first day of school cookies" made for after school snack.  In fact, they were still baking when the kids got home.  But they tasted just as good late. 
And I should know, I think I ate a good half a dozen before dinner.


kdk said...

It's great to see you all looking so happy/healthy, not to mention the robust double chin. :-)

Megan Miller said...

Happy back to school kidlets! Ya'll looking so much taller and older! Can't wait to see ya and see if it is so in person. Save me some chocolate chip cookies!

Adkins Family said...

Fun to see pictures of you and yours. Glad the first week of school went so smoothly, and the cousin pictures are adorable!