Monday, September 23, 2013


Our kids have been blessed with many cousins ever since they were born.  Henry is the 10th grandchild on his Dad's side of the family.  All ten of those kids were born is under ten years--which is a lot of young'uns runnin' around.  It was not always easy in the early years--lots of fighting and not a lot getting along some days.  These days they mostly get along with a few fights thrown in for some spice.  
But until very recently, our kids have not had any cousins on their Mom's side of the family.  Back in April we were thrilled to have cousin Oliver join Jacob and Emily's family and become the first cousin on Mom's side of the family.  I was especially excited that Oliver would be only 4 months older than our baby.  I was always hopeful that I could have a baby close to one of my brothers having a baby.  When Henry was born and we realized that we have two boys four months apart we were very excited.  We know there will be those hard early years with lots of fighting--but that's okay.  Someday I hope they'll be pretty good buddies!

 Here they are together on Henry's 3rd day of life.

 Chicken Legs and Chubby Cheeks, Golden Hair and Dark Mohawk, Happy and Angry:  Cousins.
 We really wanted a good picture with all 5 grand kids together.  However, Miss "I don't like my picture to be taken" would not cooperate.  It didn't make it any easier that it was right in the middle of her normal nap time and her title of "youngest" had been twice taken over. 
 Here's to many fun years ahead!

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